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Watch Tesla Model S plaids hit unusual speeds on Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Unplugged Performance brings its brand new Tesla Model S plaid to Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The new top-performing electric car is already impressive in the practice round.

rear Famous model 3 crash Building it at record speed for last year’s competition, Unplugged Performance is back at Pikes Peak, but this time with a brand new Model SPlaid.

This is the first time Tesla’s new top-performing vehicle has been tested, and it’s not an easy test.

Pikes Peak consists of a 12.4 mile route that begins just above 9,000 feet and climbs to the top 14,115 feet above sea level.

The sharp curves open towards the sides of the cliff, which is not only very dangerous for the driver, but also very heavy on competing vehicles.

As previously reported, Tesla tuner and aftermarket accessory maker Unplugged Performance manages to Got an early Tesla Model S plaid They changed it with new suspensions, brakes, tires, roll cages, and some aerodynamic changes.

They released a video of the vehicle during a practice run at Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

It leads its division (exhibition) with a decent margin and is approaching the era of some private cars in the open wheel category:

These times are only one section of the route open for practice.

Today is the qualifying round, and driver Randy Pobst is confident that the qualifying will be fine, especially since he was “slowly moving” since he first used the new car.

He didn’t push it too hard, but he was able to hit 130 mph on some stretches of the climb, which is simply insane.

Here you can see more footage of practice days on Pobst’s Youtube channel: ​​AbA

It’s interesting to see what time it will be in Tesla Model S Plaid with the Unplugged Performance fixed. This stock can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds.

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