Watch Jay Leno drive a jet-powered race car

As you can imagine, when Leno and his co-pilot started the engine, the sound emanating from this engine was otherworldly. But like most jet cars, this one wasn’t built to accelerate and even needed someone to push it to take off. But once he got up to speed on the racetrack, Leno commented that it ran smoothly.

The same loud turbine noise continued while driving on the racetrack. As Leno said in the video, it has linear acceleration and you have to keep the throttle on all the time to avoid low-end RPMs to maintain speed. Once or twice he gave the car beans and could watch the car stretch its muscles.

That said, jet cars are now a rarity. In fact, in Howmet TX itself he only has 4 examples, rarest car in the world. Watch Jay Leno drive a jet-powered race car

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