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Watch highway on ramps line up and jump

I’m used to watching gymkhana-style videos with cars, but sometimes there’s something like the RZR Pro R that can do everything a car can do.

Hoonigan’s latest vehicle mayhem video Polaris Tear it side by side around Long Beach, home of Hoonigan’s upcoming home base. “Is there a better way to give a proper see-off to an old place than a complete see-off?” Ask the YouTube channel.

And in fact, the video begins with a full send watching the RZR R Pro piloted by off-road champion RJ Anderson jump over a highway ramp. This is a send where side-by-side almost overshoots the landing and barely hits the end of the ramp.

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The jump is not only spectacular, but also proves how brave Anderson is. The landing ramp is not visible at any point in the in-flight footage. I think this gave me so much horror that I might never get in the car again.

But RJ Anderson shakes it off, rushes through the streets of Long Beach, jumps over the theater stairs to the beach, and defeats some serious off-road vehicles in drag racing.

It’s all an impressive and fun time. When lined up, it flips over on two wheels, Tanner Foust Drift Passat I will go around it for no real reason.

If you are interested in Polaris RZR Pro R in the video, join the club.Side-by-side specs will not be released to the world until November 9th rumor It proposes that it will be powered by a 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, which may get a 5-speed sequential transmission and a highly adjustable fox shock. Watch highway on ramps line up and jump

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