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Was the Tesla Model Y Long Range almost sold out in Q3?

Tesla Estimated delivery time for new orders has increased Tesla Model Y A long range version of the United States from now until September, a few months later (From 6-8 weeks in early May).

This is an increase of at least a few weeks (about 12 weeks). Tesla LatiNoticed the change, suggests that the Model Y Long Range was almost sold out in the third quarter.

I think the demand for the non-performance model Y must be very high. You can also explain why the price of this version has been raised so many times. ~ $ 52,490 (+ $ 1,200 DST).. Price is usually a function of supply and demand.

The performance version remained at the same level ($ 60,990 + $ 1,200 DST) for quite some time. Estimated delivery time for the performance version is 1-10 weeks (until the end of August).

Estimated delivery times for Model 3 are 9 to 13 weeks for non-performance versions (Standard Range Plus and Long Range), while performance versions are probably 1 to 11 weeks, depending on the configuration.

This means that the non-performance model 3 may also be nearly sold out in the third quarter. It’s a soft indicator, so I’m not sure.

Anyway, it’s mid-June (second quarter), so it’s good to have a lot of orders in the next quarter. The Model Y is a very versatile car and is arguably one of the most attractive EVs on the market.

In the near future, it will also be produced in Texas and Germany (for Europe) to meet demand. We anticipate new versions / pricing to expand our sales scale even further.

The launch in China is also proceeding very smoothly. May new month record..

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