Wabash’s New Trailers-as-a-Service Platform Supports FreightVana’s Power-Only Offerings

Wabash has announced a partnership with Phoenix-based freight broker FreightVana to support the trailer manufacturer’s new Trailer as a Service (TaaS) platform with the broker’s power-only offering.

Historically, Wabash has focused its business on manufacturing semitrailers, but recently the company rebranded with the One Wabash campaign to focus on last mile transportation products, a parts and service network, and technology-driven product development. .

Under the new partnership, Wabash will provide FreightVana with a TaaS platform to offer trailer pool services to customers under an electricity-only brokerage service known as FreightVana X, enhancing the broker’s strategic service offerings. The number of live loads, making the shipper’s operations more flexible and off-hours.

Recently Financial results announcementWabash President and CEO, Brent Yeagy, said the emergence of trailer pools and power-only products among logistics operators, and the ability of trailer manufacturers to provide the assets behind these new models. I’m paying attention.

Wabash is now building a TaaS platform to meet the needs of these power-only products in order to “offer value beyond traditional OEM sales.”

“Trailers are an important part of creating an efficient digital brokerage,” said Yeagy. “We see TaaS as more than leasing and renting. .”

According to Yeagy, TaaS is not a static platform and will be designed to fit the individual needs of its power-only partners, including the type of insurance provided for the trailer and the type of trailer provided.

Yeagy believes these services will also be an important source of revenue for Wabash.

“If we combine [Wabash] A trailer that goes into some sort of trailer pool [within] It’s a kind of digital enablement that accounts for 10-15% of revenue today,” he said. “We expect a further 3-5% increase in 2023 and a further 5% increase in 2024…This will deliver value for Wabash and our shareholders.”

Partnership with FreightVana

We chose FreightVana as our manufacturing partner for our new TaaS service because it aligns our vision for the future of the logistics and transportation industries.

“This is a collaborative effort, which means we are not looking to take advantage of the OEMs and they are not looking to take advantage of our work. It is a transparent relationship that can add value to the supply chain. We think so,” said Shannon Breen, co-founder and co-CEO of FreightVana.

Yeagy said: We are both trying to understand market imbalances. We both strive to help shippers move goods from point A to point B in the most efficient manner. There is enough financial surplus for drivers to make a living. “

Yeagy, along with FreightVana, will leverage the company’s innovations and insights into future logistics to position Yeagy as a leader in providing assets and the technology to protect those assets as the trailer pool market grows. I believe we can establish it.

“We have restructured this company over the last two years. said. “We are intentionally building a world where customer centricity goes far beyond the norm. If so, it will be just a copy, but not the same.”

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