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Volkswagen’s first fully electric sedan: ID’s world premiere. AERO

Volkswagen reveals the concept car as a preview of the ID.Family flagship

Dynamic, powerful, and pure aerodynamics: The world premiere of today’s ID. Volkswagen, China’s AERO concept car, offers the brand’s first global, fully electric sedan prelude. Future models will be placed in the premium medium-sized sedan segment. Its progressive, stylish and aerodynamic design allows the vehicle to impress with a large interior space. A production version for China will be available in late 2023. Volkswagen will also begin production of the European series version in Emden in 2023.

“With ID. AERO show car, preview of the next member of ID. Family. Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätetter said: “The ACCELERATE strategy is focused on electrifying the model range. Following ID.4, this model will be the next global car for Europe, China and the United States.”

The concept car is about 5 meters long and was designed based on the aerodynamic principle. The roof is coupe-style and elegantly tilted backwards, helping to achieve an excellent drag coefficient of 0.23. Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) also allows for short overhangs, long wheelbases, and a very spacious interior. ID. AERO is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery with a net energy amount of 77kWh. ID, thanks to the interaction of an efficient drive system and excellent aerodynamics. AERO achieves a range of up to 620 kilometers (WLTP)05 05Suitable for long distances.

Electric attack in China: Use an ID that is close to your production environment. Volkswagen, AERO’s concept car, is stepping up its electrical attacks in China as part of its ACCELERATE strategy. Following ID.303 03ID.403 03 And ID.603 03, The retail version of ID. AERO is already the fourth fully electric model series in China and is scheduled to go on sale in the second half of 2023. Two versions are planned, one for each Volkswagen joint venture. Based on its regional strategy, Volkswagen aims to become a leading supplier of sustainable vehicles in China. As early as 2030, at least every other vehicle sold in China will be an electric vehicle.

Volkswagen is driving its electric attacks around the world on its way to zero. As a new flagship model of ID. Family, ID. Therefore, AERO will be offered globally in the future and will be offered in Europe and North America in addition to China.

Elegant design featuring aerodynamics, wraparound light strips and metallic paint. Stylistically, ID. AERO transfers the design of the ID. For the first time, a family member in a premium medium-sized segment sedan. The aerodynamically designed front end and roof allow air to flow optimally over the vehicle. Air flow is settled by a slightly retracted trailing edge with a separating edge. The sporty 22-inch two-tone wheels are designed in the style of a turbine and fit snugly into the wheel housing. Traditional door handles are replaced with illuminated touch surfaces, further reducing drag. At the top of the silhouette, a bold tornado line and a downwardly sloping roofline shape the design. Powerful shoulder section of ID. AERO is above the tornado. Contour lines make the electric sedan look flatter and give it a dynamic look.

ID. The AERO concept vehicle has a polar light blue metallic paint. This is a light metallic color shade where color pigments produce a golden sparkle effect under the right light conditions. The roof is painted in glossy black as opposed to the car body.

The front end is characterized by an ID. Honeycomb typical of ID. family. The front is horizontally split in two by a bumper, defining the style element of the ID. AERO design. As another characteristic function to create an ID. AERO stands out in the crowd, with narrow light strips crossing the front, extending horizontally to the left and right of the illuminated Volkswagen badge, over the innovative IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights, wings and side panels. It is wrapped around. This light strip visually extends to the trailing edge with some interruptions. The main rear end features an impressive dark light strip and honeycomb-structured LED taillight clusters to create a unique look.

ID. AERO shows the diversity of MEB.. ID. AERO demonstrates the flexibility of Volkswagen’s purely electric MEB architecture. It can be adapted to vehicles of various shapes and sizes. MEBs can be used in a variety of segments, from compact crossovers or SUVs and minibuses to spacious sedans. With ID. Therefore, AERO and MEB allow IDs. A family entering the medium-sized sedan segment. MEB also takes full advantage of the potential of electrical mobility, enabling long distances, maximum digital connectivity, and wireless update capabilities.

Production of the European version in Emden. The retail version of the ID is expected. AERO for Europe will roll off the assembly line at the Emden plant in 2023. With the mass production of electric vehicles, Emden will be one of the first Volkswagen plants of this type in Lower Saxony, making a decisive contribution to the electrification of the model range. CO reduction2 Overall new car fleet emissions.

01.ID. AERO-The car is a prototype survey and has not yet been sold.
02. ID.3 – Total power consumption at kWh / 100 km (NEDC): 13.7–12.9; CO2 emissions in units of g / km: 0; Efficiency class: A +++
03. The vehicle is in Chinese and will not be sold in Europe.
04.ID. Buzz Pro – Power consumption at kWh / 100 km: Total 18.9 (NEDC); Total 21.7 to 20.6 (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions at g / km: 0; Efficiency class: A +++
05. Predicted range of completion of the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) cycle on rolling road test beds (not in continuous production). The WLTP range value for production vehicles may vary from device to device. The actual range achieved under actual conditions will depend on driving style, speed, comfort features or use of auxiliary equipment, outside temperature, number of passengers / luggage, and terrain.

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