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Volkswagen ID. Buzz may get a familiar name

Discover Volkswagen Registered “e-Samba” as a trademark. Perhaps this time last year, it was the electric version of the company’s iconic Samba Bus.German car maker Trademarked several other iconic nameplates, E-Beetle, e-Karmann, e-Kübel, e-Golf Classic, and e-singI assumed that VW decided on a naming scheme that combined a lowercase “e” with a hyphen, but the USPTO’s recent trademark may prove that this is not the case.

VW applied for the name “Samba” on June 4, 2021. The trademark registration aims to cover the category of “engines for automobiles and land vehicles”. The lack of this term is interesting because automakers often refer to electric propulsion in trademark applications. The resurrected Samba may contain multiple drivetrain options. Volkswagen ID. Buzz may get a familiar name

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