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The 2022 Honda Civic Si It’s heavier, weaker, and slower than the car you’re replacing. There are also more expensive and missing features that were previously provided as standard. Still, it’s worth noting that this stick-shift sedan with a turbocharger for less than $ 30,000 still exists, as explained in this video.

As the number of vehicles offering manual transmissions is declining, it should be understood that Si comes with only stick shifts. And it’s immediately clear after a few miles that someone on the development team cares about its weighting and shift action. It’s a great gearbox.

As we reported Instrumentation load testThe Civic Si remains an inexpensive sedan that is easy to live in and drive. The interior is attractive and decently sized, as shown in this video by producer / editor Alexander Malberg from the backseat. With a total of 31mpg, fuel efficiency is also strong.

How about slow performance? As the test data shows, the difference is subtle. For example, the 2022 Civic Si rolling start, 5-60 mph acceleration test results are consistent with previous generation results, so you won’t notice any actual driving changes. On the other hand, in winter you will find that there are no heated seats.

Our only real complaint is that it also applies to the previous generation Si. During high revs, full throttle upshifts, the engine speed will spike and hang while changing gears. You have to wait for the engine to slow down for a smooth shift, or accept awkward gear changes when reconnecting the clutch. This property is especially pronounced in contrast to the feel of the shifter.

Overall, the Civic Si will be an excellent and affordable family commuter.That’s what we do it 2022 Editor’s Choice In the category of sports compact cars.And we have Honda Next generation type R..

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