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Verstappen puzzled by Hamilton’s actions at FP2 at COTA

Max Verstappen says he doesn’t understand what happened when Lewis Hamilton overtook him in the US Grand Prix FP2 after Red Bull’s driver turned the bird over with his rivals.

Hamilton overtook Verstappen and tried to reach the final corner. The two passed through the exit and lined up straight along the pit. Hamilton had an inside line, Verstappen had to succumb on Turn 1, his title was comparable to the middle finger, and he called him “stupid idiot” on team radio after they approached straight contact. is.

“Yes, I don’t know (why Hamilton passed),” Verstappen said. “We are all lined up to go to the lap, so we really don’t know what happened there.”

Verstappen finished eighth in FP2, but the championship leader said his pace was better than the results suggest due to traffic problems throughout the afternoon.

“With soft tires, I didn’t put in a lap,” he said. “Overall, it’s not easy. The course is pretty bumpy and finding the right compromise with the car hasn’t been easy so far. There are some positive things to note, We will work on it overnight.

“Yes (good in the long run), not bad in the short run. It was just a mess of traffic.”

Offer is Verstappen puzzled by Hamilton’s actions at FP2 at COTA

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