Urb-E and Tortoise partner with Axle Hire as zero-emission delivery pilot

Urb-E In a dense urban environment, where it makes the most sense, we want to replace a cargo van with an electric bike that pulls a foldable cargo trailer.

The company, which has already proven that the concept works since it was launched in New York City earlier this year, announced a national pilot by Axle Hire on Thursday.

“We have shown that we can deploy Axle Hire on a large scale. It’s cheaper than gas,” said Charles Jolley, co-founder and CEO of Urb-E, at Home Delivery in Philadelphia this week. I spoke to the Modern Shipper at the World 2021 conference.

According to Jolly, the test in New York is “really well done” and by the end of this year, about 1,000 containers will be pulled by the Urb-E electric bike a week.

Partnership with Axle Hire Urb-E will be a leading partner with a reputation for excellence in last mile delivery that supports the system. Axle Hire also has a zero emission pilot program tortoise.. Tortoise pilots will take place in Los Angeles, and Urb-E will work with Axle Hire in New York City. Both programs will be expanded to additional cities later this year and in 2022, according to AxleHire.

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In New York, Axle Hire and URB-E have launched a micro-container delivery system for delivering goods from Brooklyn to Manhattan. URB-E vehicles can carry over 800 pounds and still be in the bike lane. A case study of this model proved that the delivery network saved driving time and avoided parking violation tickets. As a result, traffic has been reduced by a factor of six, making it three times cheaper than electric vehicle delivery vans.

Tortoise offers an electric remote pilot cart that can carry up to 120 pounds. Los Angeles delivers 15 times a day within a 3 mile radius.

“Tortoise is excited to expand its relationship with AxleHire and expand its zero-emission remote-controlled last mile package delivery nationwide. Tortoise’s flexible and friendly delivery robot is at AxleHire’s last mile. Great for making meal kits, parcels and grocery deliveries affordable, fun and sustainable, “said Tortoise co-founder Dmitry Shevelenko.

Wednesday, Axle Hire Presentation We have added facilities to Newark, New Jersey and Philadelphia to join the New York City Center in the tri-state area.The news comes right after the company Midwestern expansion A new facility in Chicago opened in June. Currently, there are 12 centers covering the East Coast, Midwest, Southwest, and above and below the West Coast.

Test run of Urb-E system

The Urb-E system includes a power-assisted cargo bike and trailer that hold a removable cargo box. Originally designed for groceries, the standard cargo box can hold up to 60 grocery bags, giving providers ample product space. The larger XL cargo box provides 2 cubic feet of storage space.

The entire system weighs about 200 pounds and includes a replaceable battery that offers a 10 mile delivery range. The trailer is equipped with shock absorbers and the Urb-E system can handle everything inside carefully. Jolly states that the egg damage rate is less than 1%, which is equal to or better than a standard cargo van overall.

Currently, the crank lowers the trailer to allow easy roll-off or roll-on of the cargo box after unlocking the safety switch.

This reporter has the opportunity to drive the system on the streets of Philadelphia and the minimum required to keep the bike running after some early problems managing control of the bike when the power assisted propulsion system is activated. It turned out to be easy to use with only limited pedaling.

Lior Adorian, Head of Operations at Urb-E, said training the system usually takes about four hours and, despite being a commercial vehicle, does not require a special license or even a driver’s license.

“Most bikes spend two hours a day. Drivers work six to eight hours a day, but that’s okay,” Jolly said.

The system features a complete telematics solution that includes driver performance tracking, providing the opportunity to reward high-performing drivers if the enterprise chooses.

Urb-E builds all its own equipment, including battery-powered. Each battery can power a 10-14 mile bike. The foldable roll-on roll-off container can hold up to 800 pounds of cargo and is equipped with a safety braking system. When folded, 20 containers occupy only one parking space for easy storage.

Jolley said the system’s ease of use and the utilities it provides in place of gas-intensive delivery vans, especially in regions that pop up nationwide that specify only alternative powered delivery vehicles, Urb-E. Said that driving would be a career option for some people.

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