UPS is looking to 30% sustainable aviation fuel by 2035.

UPS Inc. (NYSE: UPS) — Like many shipping and shipping companies — we aim to reach zero emissions by 2050. Emissions from Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3..

But how does the UPS get there?

At a meeting of investors and analysts on Wednesday, UPS shared its medium-term environmental, social and governance goals for 2035 to bring the company closer to net zero emissions.

1. UPS will reduce CO2 emissions per package delivered to the global small packaging business by 2035, with 2020 as the base year.

As the demand for e-commerce and home delivery continues to grow, emissions per package can be a useful indicator.

2. All UPS facilities will be powered by renewable energy by 2035.

Investment in renewable energy continues to grow as wind and solar prices fall, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels is in the hearts of investors, businesses and customers.

3. Sustainable aviation fuel will account for 30% of the fuel used by the company’s global fleet by 2035.

Air is the vehicle with the highest emissions per ton mile, so progress in this area could have a significant impact on a company’s overall transport-related emissions.

“We are creating a new UPS that is rooted in the company’s values,” said Carol Tome, CEO of UPS. release..

UPS also has a 2025 goal of achieving 25% renewable electricity at the facility and 40% alternative fuel on the ground. It may seem that it won’t take long to reach these goals, but 2035 is almost half of 2050. It’s a year when many companies, such as UPS, are committed to achieving net zero emissions.

These 2035 goals are for Tome and UPS Consider launching an outsourced same-day delivery initiativeThis move could fill a hole in a company’s product. However, the impact of increased same-day delivery services is often consistent with faster, higher-emission modes of transportation.

Shippers like UPS need to provide customers with the convenience of same-day delivery and continue to balance achieving the emission reductions that customers and investors desire.

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