UAW workers strike at Stellantis foundry in Indiana

Detroit — united auto workers Unionists went on strike Saturday at the Stellantis foundry in Indiana. repair Replace factory air conditioning and heating systems.

Our 35-acre factory in Kokomo manufactures components used in automotive powertrains. chrysler, dodge, jeep When sheep Vehicles and long-term strikes can affect vehicle assembly lines across North America.

Stellantis says production is not scheduled for this weekend and hoped to resume negotiations on a contract with Strike as soon as possible. UAW Local 1166.

In a statement, Stellantis said, “We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees. After presenting, we are disappointed with the UAW’s decision to withdraw.”

With 1,200 employees, the Kokomo Casting plant is the largest die casting plant in the world, according to Stellantis. Manufactures aluminum parts such as transmissions and engine blocks.

In a statement, the UAW Local said Stellantis “although it is generating record profits and investing billions in new businesses, it claims it does not have the funds to meet the basic needs of its members. There is,” he complained. battery Plant opposite. ”

UAW local president David Willis did not immediately respond to a call for comment. A person answering the phone at the union office said, “We are preparing to resume negotiations.”

We are planning to remodel the foundry. Produces engine blocks for hybrid electric vehicles.

In May, Stellantis announced a $2.5 billion joint venture with Samsung. to build Electric car Kokomo’s battery factory, which employs 1,400 workers.

Stellantis was formed through a merger last year. fiat Chrysler and French PSA peugeotsaid it would build two electric vehicle battery plants in North America. Another is scheduled for Windsor, Ontario. UAW workers strike at Stellantis foundry in Indiana

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