U.S. Department of Transportation approves emergency cargo flights to Cuba

The US Department of Transportation has temporarily approved a small cargo airline in South Florida to provide emergency assistance to Cuba. In Cuba, a large-scale protest has recently broke out in response to the long-term economic crisis exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

According to the agency, IBC Airways and Skyway Enterprise will each be able to operate 20 flights from Miami to Havana, carrying humanitarian aid and diplomatic cargo for the US Embassy, ​​until late September.

Last August, the Trump administration launched a limited number of official charter flights as part of a campaign to increase economic pressure on the Cuba administration, as well as all US and foreign airlines offering charter flights between the United States and Cuba. Suspended authority to reform.

The order allowed exceptions to the emergency medical situation, and DOT decided on Wednesday that the current situation would allow an exemption from the cargo ban.

Cubans are feeling the effects of severe food and drug shortages, hyperinflation, and long-term power outages in the oppressive heat. All of these are by-products of the centrally planned economy, which has left the country underdeveloped for decades. Protesters are angry that they need to line up long because of basic necessities, lack of work, and limited freedom.

The IBC said in its request that its shipment would include personal parcels containing food, medicine, hygiene and medical supplies. The IBC cargo fleet consists of seven Saab 340 aircraft.

Skyway runs a Shorts 360 turboprop engine.

Another airline, iAero Airways, has informed DOT that if the department approves the IBC and Skyway applications, it will attempt to transport humanitarian aid to Cuba for its customers.

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