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Two Electric Bikes Need a New Home – Is It Yours? – 303 Durability

If you’ve noticed more eBikes in the city, news, Colorado trails, etc. these days, you’re witnessing one of the biggest moves in the current bike boom.

eBikes is one of the most popular products in Colorado bike stores and the industry across the country. And there is a good reason. Electric bikes help people move further on their bikes and open them up to those who would otherwise not be able to ride them. When people decide to replace part of their car trip with a bicycle, they help clean our air. According to data from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS), 67% of all trips under 3 miles are done in private cars.

Bicycles make the community more resilient. But most notable is probably the greatest motivation for anyone who has tried it. eBikes is a lot of fun.

Earn Orbeae Bike

If you’ve recently had problems buying an eBike due to supply chain issues and a significant increase in demand, or if you want to buy your own eBike, Bicycle Colorado offers two Orbea Optima Class 1 eBikes in partnership during the Summer Rough Full. doing. Denver-based bike shop, SloHi Bike Co.

SloHi chose Orbea Optima for this ruffle. This is because it is one of the best-selling eBikes. Stylish, simple and fun. The Orbea Optima E50 is an affordable and comfortable electric city bike with an easily accessible step-through frame.

They portray two winners, so you have the chance to buy two or more tickets and win both bikes instead of one! They randomly choose the winners of the two awards: the Light Blue Small Orbea Optima E50 and the Turquoise Medium Orbea Optima E50!

Up to 500 tickets are on sale, which is one of the best chances to win an eBike. Even better than your chance to win, every time you buy a ticket, it’s a gift that supports your bike’s support. Buying a ticket is a vote in support of Colorado’s vision for bicycles in Colorado, where bicycles are safe and accessible. Everyone.

If you’re lucky and looking for a chance to win an Orbeae Bike from Colorado-based bike shop Slo Hi Bike Co, consider buying a ticket now. Revenue is a big goal for cyclists in Colorado.


By purchasing a ticket, you will participate in the Colorado Biking Campaign to Colorado, where biking is always safe and convenient for everyone.

Click here for raffle details and ticket sales!! Two Electric Bikes Need a New Home – Is It Yours? – 303 Durability

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