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Trump’s “TRUTH” social media app features a fake Chevrolet Truck account denied by GM

Donald Trump launches New social media This week’s app was called “TRUTH Social” and was unexpectedly controversial as a result of an account that Chevrolet wasn’t affiliated with.

A screenshot of the app displayed in Apple’s app store showed an account called @ChevyTrucks that promoted it. What else do you have?Chevrolet rack.. Posting isn’t offensive, but it’s a little weird.

One post used in a screenshot of a social media network says: Chevrolet Tahoe.. Please share and comment. “

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In addition to appearing unaware that Chevrolet is currently teasing Electric SierraThe post also suggests that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is joining the app. I haven’t used either full name, but I wonder why the writer chose that point to start exercising plausible denial.

Another fake post in the screenshot includes: Chevrolet Avalanche It’s a truck mullet, but I’m sure it’s fun at a party. “

Washington post I contacted GM for comment. “We have no partnership with this platform,” a spokeswoman told the outlet.

Chevrolet wasn’t the only one to use the name in fake screenshots promoting the ironically named social media platform. Fox News, The New York Times, Variety, and TechCrunch were also drawn into unusual stunts.

Chevrolet and GM are advised to stay away from the platform run by the Trump team. The former president kicked off the most established social media platform after his supporters attacked the US Capitol on January 6. Trump’s “TRUTH” social media app features a fake Chevrolet Truck account denied by GM

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