Traxen calls iQ-Cruise a “bridge to autonomy”

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Cleveland — For truck technology firm Traxen Inc., the combination of artificial intelligence and adaptive cruise control is a “bridge to autonomy”.

Based in Plymouth, Michigan, the company is an AI-powered adaptive cruise control solution kit at the American Trucking Associations’ Fall 2021 Technology Maintenance Council Autumn Conference and Transportation Technology Exhibition on September 12. Announced Cruise.

In addition to AI, the hardware, which consists of radar devices, electronic control units, and user interfaces, uses algorithms and sensors to power the system. Mike Hauer, Vice President of Business Development, said iQ-Cruise can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10% while improving safety, drivability and profitability.

iQ-Cruise (Transportation topic John Sommers II)

“What we are seeing now is that the technologies available in artificial intelligence have many advantages,” he said. “That is our goal.”

Hauer explained that the “bridge to autonomy” comes from Traxen’s Level 2 autonomy, which sits above Level 1 autonomous players under AI-established Level 5 competitors.

However, despite the level designation, iQ-Cruise offers a blend of human driving and adaptability, he said.

“The product is actually configured to move as follows: [the vehicle] We will move forward, “he said.

Hauer explained that the driver sets the route and destination and the system takes control, using a full-resolution map of the United States and its sensor technology. Based on traffic and terrain, iQ-Cruise not only determines speed, but also informs the driver why.

Ali Maleki


“All you have to do is maneuver and look for warning signs,” Hower said. “When the speed limit is 65 mph and the speed reaches 60 mph, the system will display:” One mile ahead, traffic stopped. So there is no reason to go 65 mph. You won’t slow down and lose time or space. “”

CEO Ali Maleki said Traxen has completed a pilot program with vehicle and heavy goods transportation service provider United Road and received positive feedback.

In addition to saving equipment and maintenance, it also reduces insurance and training costs, according to Mareki. He added that Fleet can use iQ-Cruise to reduce technology paybacks to less than a year and save an average of $ 5,000 per truck per year.

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