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Toyota Tundra’s 2022 interior was barely teased

Another day, another 2022 Toyota tundra Teaser. This time, from the perspective of the person sitting in the center of the front bench (current standard) truck). This teaser is even poorer than we’ve ever seen, showing more of the outside world than the truck itself, but in the digital media world, product information is slowly dripping.

2022 Tundra Certainly there is a sun visor. That’s good; I hate getting the sun in my eyes while driving. There is also a stripe in the center of the steering wheel, so you can see when to go straight. It’s also convenient. There is a large screen in the middle of the dash, suggesting that this image may be able to display a navigation map. It was neat. Also, it looks like there’s some overhead storage (probably for sunglasses) and maybe some controls, but I’m not sure what they are.

Yeah, it’s a tundra teaser, it’s okay.

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