Toyota plans new 3-row EV in 2025

Toyota is one of the automakers slowing its focus on EVs. Japanese brands have always said they see hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles as the preferred vehicles of choice for a more sustainable future. cannot be ignored. At a recent press conference outlining Toyota’s future plans, management confirmed that the automaker will introduce 10 new EVs by 2026, with a three-row SUV also in development. EV production is scheduled to begin in 2025 in the United States.

Toyota has confirmed that an EV is coming and an electric SUV with three rows of seats will be built in the US, but there are few other details about the vehicle. The electric SUV will be built in the US and the battery will be sourced from North Carolina. That means an electric SUV is eligible for the full $7,500 as long as it stays within the price cap. federal tax credit After the latest round of changes.

If we had to guess what the future electric three-row SUV might look like, it would be the Toyota bZ5X concept from 2021. The bZ5X concept is bZ4X It is on sale, but it has a large body and three rows of seats. With his three-row electric SUV coming in the near future, the SUV is expected to use the automaker’s e-TNGA platform that underpins his bZ4X.

Upcoming three-row electric SUVs are expected to use the e-TNGA platform, Toyota has confirmed that it is working on a next-generation architecture that will arrive around 2026. The automaker is also working to double the range of electric vehicles, he said, though he didn’t explain how. Our guess is an updated battery chemistry, better heating and cooling, and a larger battery pack. Currently the bZ4X offers a range of up to 252 miles, Lexus RZ450e It has a range of up to 220 miles. Both vehicles are below average when it comes to range.

A three-row electric SUV makes great economic sense for Toyota. As automakers add electric vehicles to their lineups, they are looking to expand into SUVs, which continue to be the most popular body styles sold. Toyota is not the only company to introduce a 3-row SUV. Kia recently dropped 2024EV9 The New York Auto Show is likely to become an absolute hit.we expect hyundai Follow up with your own version called Ionic 7.

Photos: 2023 Toyota bZ4X (top), 2024 Kia ​​EV9 (middle)

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