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Toyota paying attention to the compact pickup market

Ford Maverick When Hyundai Santa Cruz By May of this year, 50,000 units had been sold, according to figures edited by Automotive News.. Hyundai claims almost 15,000 Of those sales. Sales of Korean car makers decreased by 16% by the end of May compared to the same period in 2021, Santa cruz Set a new record in May Maverick teeth.Possible for all automakers with a platform that can be converted compactly truck We are currently looking at the light truck market in the United States. thanks to Motor trendWe know Toyota One of those car makers. During Toyota’s headquarters meeting in Texas, three executives admitted to keeping a keen eye on the segment and brainstorming possible ways to enter.

Bob Carter, an EVP of Toyota Motor North America, told MT: TacomaBut that [a compact pickup] Cooper Ericksen, Group VP of Product Planning and Strategy, has shown that it’s important to know your customers. For Toyota, a difficult-to-use pickup or a unibody platform for city-focused bed-based mobility-which makes more sense? “[The] The more Ford sells, frankly, the more Hyundai sells, “he said. What I want to enter ”

The key point is emphasized by Jack Hollis, SVP of Automotive Business at the automaker. Said AN that There is no doubt that there is space for the truck under the Tacoma. The dimensions of the current Tacoma have been emphasized, pointing out that modern mid-sizars are 9 inches taller than the 2000 Tacoma and at least 3 feet longer. Hollis asked about the space, “The question is how to fill it.”

When Volkswagen You need to be careful Announcement of recent EV pickups Making waves above that United States dealer Body, Eriksen says, “It would be interesting to see a scout.”

If you live in a particular region of the country, it’s as if Toyota’s compact history never died. Southern California is swimming on 4th generation trucks, often with the painted badge on the tailgate erased, leaving only “YO”. Examples of two subsequent generations built by the 1990s before Tacoma graduated from Midsizer in 2005 — I still want good money in the second hand market Even over 200,000 miles.

While Toyota talks about the conditional tense used by all automakers before launching a product, the company sounds like it has an idea of ​​what it wants to do.Carter said Motor trend“HQ Confidential 3 may exist [in June] We have more discussions next year. ” Toyota Tacoma Next year, new 4Runner The following year. In 2025, Toyota could return to playing a small ball.

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