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Toyota lobbyed government over hybrids-report

According to Reuters, Toyota’s CEO is supporting hybrid vehicles as much as battery electricity, or the Japanese government is facing a loss of support for the automotive industry. Worked on.

Lobby activities by President Akio Toyoda and Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) industry group chairman faced growing scrutiny from green investors that automakers are lagging behind in adopting electric vehicles, and the government told them. The transition will be delayed, the press said.

Akira Amari, a former industry minister and a veteran member of the Liberal Democratic Party, called for a change in the government’s annual economic policy roadmap at a meeting on June 3, and spoke with Toyoda the day before, according to notes and voice. Said that he did. Of the conference reviewed by Reuters.

The final version of the document contains a reference to “so-called electric vehicles,” and despite the fact that environmentalists say there is a big difference, fossil fuel-burning hybrid vehicles are comparable to zero-emission battery vehicles. It seemed to be in a position.

“When I talked to Chair Toyoda yesterday, he said JAMA couldn’t support a government that rejected hybrids,” Amari told LDP lawmakers’ policy meeting in a memo and voice.

Using synthetic fuels such as hydrogen makes hybrid vehicles “100% clean energy,” and policy documents need to clarify that, Amari said.

“If you don’t make it clear, JAMA will push you back with all your might,” Amari said in a memo and voice.

“If you don’t say that hybrid cars are in the electric car category, it doesn’t look good,” he said, adding that the reference to electric cars should be changed to “so-called electric cars.” rice field. “.

Amari confirmed that Reuters asked Reuters to include “so-called” to clarify that electric vehicles are not limited to battery-powered electric vehicles, but include hybrid vehicles. He said he wasn’t asking for other changes.

He confirmed that he had spoken to Toyota.

“What Toyota is trying to say is that hybrids running on synthetic fuels are eco-friendly because they are very fuel efficient. He said he would be very dissatisfied if the hybrid was rejected. That’s what he said to me. He asked if the LDP rejected the hybrid, and I said we weren’t doing that. “

Amari told Reuters that the development of synthetic fuels would enable automakers to produce zero-emission internal combustion engines. He said such fuels could also be used on aircraft that cannot run on battery power.

In a statement from Reuters, JAMA said the automotive industry is making every effort towards its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. Since the goal was carbon neutral, he said it was important to expand the options rather than being limited to a specific technology.

In addition, it is necessary to respond to various situations in each country and region and the needs of customers.

A Toyota spokesman introduced Reuters to JAMA.

According to Reuters, the final version of this document, available online, mentions that all new car sales targets for Japan in 2035 are “so-called electric cars,” which are hybrid cars. Is specifically stated in the text.

Earlier drafts from May 31 are also available online, according to Reuters, with footnotes showing references to hybrids only. The text states that the goal for 2035 is that all new car sales are “electric vehicles.”

The report said Toyota said fossil fuels were the problem, not the internal combustion engine. It supports hydrogen technology as well as hybrid vehicles that were popular in the Prius over 20 years ago, but so far it is not as popular as battery-powered electric vehicles.

According to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, hybrid vehicles, including plug-in hybrid vehicles, accounted for almost 44% of new passenger cars sold in Japan last year, and battery-powered electric vehicles accounted for less than 1%.

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