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Toyota Boss: AV shift is not so fast

The self-driving e-Palette is guided by five lidar sensors and two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. However, with great care, Toyota engineers had to limit the cruising speed of the bus to 1.25 mph, stop at an intersection and then start accelerating manually.

It wasn’t the first alert from Toyota’s chief.

Rather than trying to bring the industry back to Earth in carbon neutrality and pursuing a tunnel vision drive into the future of battery electricity, the global industry should take a multi-faceted path to reduce emissions. I publicly marketed the idea that there is. A combination of old and new powertrains.

Given the hype about new startups and new technologies by both the industry and Wall Street, such a cautious approach can easily be rejected. However, the 65-year-old descendant of Toyota Motor’s founder speaks from experience and authority. Toyota has been in command since 2009 longer than the CEOs of almost every other automaker. He has refined his company of the same name into one of the industry’s largest and more reliable profit engines. And in the process, Toyota became a symbol of a kinder and gentler approach to the Industrial Revolution.

The Toyota accident was one of two autonomous technology driving accidents that occurred in late August. The other was related to Tesla’s Model 3.

Toyota apologized the next day for a scratch on August 26 and tried to meet the Paralympics. The Paralympics are reportedly knocked down and hit their heads. A Paralympic spokeswoman said the athlete underwent a “comprehensive health check” and no trauma was found. Toyota issued a statement and suspended the e-Palette service. After that, after improving safety, we resumed operation the following week.

In Tesla’s case on August 28, a parked Florida highway patrol car that was reportedly using an autopilot driver assistance system was parked beside an interstate highway. I bumped into. Model 3 barely missed the trooper.

Tesla’s response despite US car safety regulators launching autopilot mode investigation of California carmaker after 17 injured and 1 dead as a result of a series of crashes Was modest. The probe covers approximately 765,000 Tesla vehicles.

The difference in reaction highlights Toyota’s outlook.

“There are no set rules for autonomous driving,” said Toyota. “That’s the reality now. It’s not just about making vehicles safe. A safe traffic flow consists of infrastructure, drivers, and automakers. To achieve a safe traffic flow, these three The parties need to work together. Autonomous driving rules need to do the following: they should be made in line with the reality of the earth. “ Toyota Boss: AV shift is not so fast

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