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Toshiki Oyu wet tops on the first day of the Suzuka test

The best time for Oyu was 1: 51.935, the first hour of the two-hour session, which recorded the fastest time of the day before the afternoon weather conditions deteriorated.

Yuhi Sekiguchi set the best time at the end of the session by overtaking the impul driver Yuhi Sekiguchi by just 0.010 seconds.

As a result, Sacha Fenestraz finished third in Kondo Racing, followed by Hiroki Otsu, who made his first appearance in Dandelion Racing after an endless rookie season.

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Sena Sakaguchi (Inging) overtook Ryo Hirakawa in fifth place with Tom’s full-time Giuliano Aresi and Dandelion regular Tadasuke Makino’s second impul car.

Nobuharu Matsushita was the fastest in the afternoon session of B-MAX Racing, 1.1 seconds faster than Sakaguchi in 2nd place, but his effort of 1: 53.800 remained in 9th place overall, from the pace set by Oyu. It was a little less than 2 seconds late. morning.

Oyu did not exceed the best time from the early hours of the day, but he got a chance to drive his teammate Naoki Yamamoto’s number one machine. Yamamoto completed the afternoon session with one of several drivers.

Kenta Yamashita (Kondo) was in 10th place overall after spinning on Turn 1 early in the afternoon, causing the second of the two red flags of the day.

The first stop took place in the morning session when 2021 champion Tomoki Nojiri was turned off with a hairpin, spending valuable track time on an infinite driver and limiting him to 18th overall.

Kazuki Nakajima set the 15th fastest time by sharing a solo rookie racing entry with Kazuya Oshima the day after he announced his retirement as a racing driver at Toyota’s 2022 motorsport presentation.

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Nirei Fukuzumi was 16th on the first day of his participation in the Minnow Drago Corse team. After winning second place in the 2021 Dandelions, next season’s race is scheduled.

Ren Sato, the winner of the All Japan Super Formula Lights, drove an infinite # 15 car in 19th place, while Atsushi Miyake was the only other newcomer to share the # 18 KCMG machine with Yuji Kunimoto in 21st place. Supported the timesheet.

The test continues on Wednesday and there are two more sessions before only newcomers run on Thursday morning.

Suzuka test time: Toshiki Oyu wet tops on the first day of the Suzuka test

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