Top 8 Tips for Inexperienced Drivers

Road accidents happen daily, and there are lots of reasons for them. At some point, these are beginners who cause some challenges for other drivers. Fortunately, such accidents don’t hurt anyone in most cases, but sometimes they still can be dangerous.

The reason is that many newbies believe that driving is as easy as playing at Bet22. However, it’s a much more complicated activity than it seems, and you should follow these simple tips to avoid common mistakes.

Exercises for Beginners

It’s difficult for novice drivers to overcome fear and learn how to feel the car. So, do simple exercises to gain experience. For example, reverse parking between two obstacles and holding the car in an inclined position using only the gas and clutch.

Think About the Route

Preparing for a trip, study a map of your route, paying attention to the surrounding streets, and try to remember their names. Drive this route with an instructor, or with a driver with sufficient driving experience, so he can comment to you on the road conditions and the presence of any shortcomings. Set aside a few weekends to study the routes you frequently drive and go over them in practice, paying attention to road signs, the best way to change lanes, etc. This will help you feel more confident behind the wheel on weekdays without any helpers.

Take Your Time

To become a professional driver, you must have two important qualities – the consciousness of the actions behind the wheel and calmness. Remember to never fidget behind the wheel or panic. If you stalled, calmly start your car. No luck? Turn on the alarms. Do not give in to provocations, behind honking and hurrying drivers. 

Keep Calm

Every driver should have self-control and full control of his or her emotions. Being calm behind the wheel does not mean relaxed and inhibited responses. Calmness is the key to successful driving! Don’t panic if you are signaled, be vigilant and cautiously perform your maneuver. Convince yourself that such actions are caused only to remind that there are other participants of traffic on the road. On the roads, there are situations with the use of foul language and offensive gestures, be calm and do not enter into an altercation with such uneducated people. It will not lead to good, and you still have to continue your route in the car.

Attention Pedestrians

Most pedestrian accidents are the pedestrian’s fault. But proving their guilt is often almost impossible, and the driver bears the punishment. The pedestrian does not perceive the car as a serious threat to his health. He does not think that it is impossible to stop the car at once. It is especially inherent in the cold season. When you see a pedestrian, inform him of your approach, blinking lights or sound signal. Keep in mind that pedestrians are often blind and deaf people, the elderly or people with other disabilities who do not perceive the light or sound signal as your car is approaching. Slow down, give the person a chance to cross the road, and continue on your way with peace of mind.


Beginners are not advised to take friends with them on the road. Remarks, jokes, and other comments from buddies will only distract the driver from the road.

Turning off Gadgets

During the trip, a novice car driver refrain from talking on their cell phone, even if they have a special headset that does not require certain movements to take calls. If you have to answer the call or make it, don’t take the risk – park by the curb and only after that talk on your phone.

Don’t Repeat Someone Else’s Mistakes

Often beginners adopt an aggressive style of driving from those who like to cut in front of them, take off in a sporty manner, and also use abrupt braking. It is necessary to note, that exactly because of such reckless drivers the percent of accidents grows. It is not necessary to repeat another’s mistakes because you will be responsible for your offenses.

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