Top 6 Secrets of Safe Driving

The number of motorists is growing almost exponentially. And everything would be fine, but along with the growth of the car fleet, the level of accidents has increased noticeably, the reason for which is a huge number of different factors. Here are 6 key secrets of safe driving, through which you can save yourself and your family from trouble on the roads.

Be Careful

In fact, all traffic accidents are the result of inattention of one or more drivers. So, always be vigilant, don’t get distracted by 22Bet notifications, and keep your eyes open because only then will you have enough time to recognize the threat and avoid a collision.

Make Way

If you find yourself in a situation where you simply do not know which car has the right of way – you’d better give way first. Of course, the rules of traffic rules may be on your side, but yours and your passengers’ health is much more important than “childish” principles.

Take Your Time

Driving a car going at high speed has at least two negative consequences:

Besides, as practice shows, speeding doesn’t promise a huge benefit, as the difference in speed of 105 and 130 km/h at a stretch of 80 km barely reaches 9 minutes, but the risk of getting in an accident at higher speed increases several times.

Always Wear the Seat Belt

For someone it can be a revelation that seat belts are one of the most significant inventions in the sphere of automobile safety. Not only do they ensure that they absorb the force of the impact, but they also keep the driver and passengers from flying out of the car. Moreover, almost every modern car has programmed crumple zones and the safety belt is an indispensable part of this system, as it allows keeping the driver in the “safe” zone, while the body crumples from the force of the shock received.

Follow the 4 Second Rule

Few people know that the distance to the vehicle ahead of them should be measured in seconds, not meters. To use this rule, look at the vehicle ahead, and when it is level with some stationary object, start counting the seconds.

If at the moment of passing this object you have time to count to 4, then you are driving correctly, and if you do not have time – you need to slow down a little. It is also worth noting that you should try to avoid being in the “blind spots” of other road users.

Don’t Save on Tires and Watch Their Condition

One of the basic rules of safe driving is to use good quality and serviceable tires. This means that when choosing tires do not buy the cheapest model, because they simply can not provide the proper level of traction.

It’s also necessary to always monitor the condition of the rubber, because bald tires not only reduce handling and increase the likelihood of gliding, but also are more susceptible to external factors.

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