Top 10 states that have won the wind and rain that secure Biden’s bridge

California will bring back the largest share of the $ 27 billion federal bridge repair and replacement program. This is the first highway infrastructure financing package deployed under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act.

state 5 years funding
California $ 4,246,868,525
new York $ 1,892,071,670
Pennsylvania $ 1,635,892,965
Illinois $ 1,374,037,635
New jersey $ 1,147,100,410
Massachusetts $ 1,126,280,955
Louisiana $ 1,013,282,645
Washington $ 605,063,355
Michigan $ 563,136,760
Connecticut $ 561,405,995
Top 10 in total $ 14,165,140,915
Source: Federal Highway Authority

The $ 4.25 billion sent to California is the number one allocation to all 50 states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico announced Friday, helping to repair an estimated 15,000 bridges nationwide.

California’s share is 16% of the total bridge program funding allocated over a five-year period. The 10 states that receive the highest funding levels represent just over half of the total Bridge Formula program (see table). For a complete allocation table, Federal Highway Authority website..

“The Biden Harris administration is excited to launch this program to repair thousands of bridges across the country, the largest private bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system,” said the US Secretary of Transportation. Said Pete Butigeg.

“Modernizing American bridges helps improve security, support economic growth, and improve people’s lives throughout the country, across rural, suburban, urban and tribal communities. increase.”

The Bridge Formula Program provides state funding for the replacement, restoration, preservation, protection and construction of highway bridges, as well as tribal government-owned bridges and generally locally owned and federal support. Highway system.

Record amounts of money “will also withstand the effects of climate change and modernize bridges that are safer for all users,” said Stephanie Pollack, deputy director of the Federal Highway Authority. I am. “All states have bridges that are in poor condition and need repair. This is a weight limit that can force travelers, school buses, first responders, or trucks carrying cargo into long detours. Includes a bridge. “

States typically need to match federal funding with up to 20% of state or local funding, but guidance issued to the Bridge Formula Program states that federal funding is for such locally owned off-system bridges. It states that it can be used for 100% of the cost of repair or repair.

“This investment to modernize the American bridge is an important next step after bipartisan infrastructure investment and the enactment of the Employment Act,” the US Chamber of Commerce commented. “We have been waiting for decades for this kind of investment to repair a collapsing bridge.”

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