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Tolls-Partners of the Highway and Fleet Consulting Association-Acquisition of Fleet

Both Meyer and Zakharia spoke at the 2022 International Car Rental Show.

Photo: Ross Stewart, RMS3Digital

Rate-Highway, Inc., a car rental revenue optimization service, and Fleet Consulting Association, Inc. (FCA), a car rental industry decision-making intelligence and technology company, announced a partnership on June 1. According to the press release, to provide car rental companies with business decision-making tools.

This partnership integrates Rate-Highway’s Rate Monitor Elite car rental pricing system with FCA’s Fleet Valuation System. This collaboration gives car rental companies access to tools to identify the most profitable vehicle types on the operator’s market and the best time to sell their vehicles.

The system uses market intelligence, current pricing, and utilization data in combination with current resale market data from JD Power and Mannheim to optimize both rental and sales fleet mixes. According to the release, car rental companies can also determine the best time to move a rental car from a rental car to sale, maximizing revenue from both sides of the car’s lifespan.

Roger Zakharia, CEO of Fleet Consulting Association, Inc, said: In the statement.

“Car rental companies can experience the power of Rate-Highway’s revenue optimization while gaining access to relevant vehicle ratings that are important for planning and achieving strong profit margins in real time,” he continued.

Michael Myer, President and Co-Founder of Rate Highway, said: “The pandemic and lack of car supply over the last two years have hit car rental operators hard, to ensure maximum profits.”

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