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This strange California law allows fast drivers to increase the speed limit for everyone

Tickets for driving over 100 mph have skyrocketed Road fatalities were the highest since 2007..But when I try to do something about it in California, there are ticket rates over 100mph Almost instantly the double blockade started, May exacerbate the problem. This is because California has a well-meaning, but poorly enforced law that forces the fastest (and most reckless) drivers to adjust their speed limits.

At the time of 2012 amendment In accordance with California’s traffic regulations, the state’s Department of Transportation or local governments must “round the speed limit to the closest value of 5 miles per hour to the 85th percentile of free-flowing traffic.” Simply put, the speed limit should be set so that only about 15% of drivers instinctively exceed the speed limit. The exact location of the speed limit will be determined by a field survey. Los Angeles Times Reporting must be done before authorities apply restrictions to specific roads using electronic means such as radar guns.

It was reportedly enacted to prevent speed traps, but the law instead makes it quite difficult to enforce speed limits. Performing the necessary research to use the radar gun may return data indicating that the speed limit needs to be increased. This will increase the speed of traffic. Therefore, the fastest 15% of drivers feel forced to increase their pace, creating a vicious cycle of being able to go even faster if they try to penalize the speeder.

Authorities can curb this escalation by truncating it at its discretion. 7 mphHowever, doing so prohibits reducing the limit for other reasons, whether arbitrary or not. The state legislature sought to amend the law. Streetsblog It reports on a 2018 bill that allows for high-accident road exceptions, but the action appeared to have failed. Follow-up story.. NS Alternative enforcement program The bill is Killed without inspection..

For now, the streets of California seem to remain Wild as everAnd that the reckless reputation of state drivers will not change.

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