This is how thieves are using headlights to steal cars

Modern vehicles are pretty hard to steal most of the time. Latest anti-theft device Technological advances make it harder to steal, but thieves are coming up with new ways to misappropriate your prized wheels. According to Dr. Ken Tindell of Canis Automotive Labs, criminals are currently accessing his vehicle’s CAN bus system through the headlights.

of his latest blog post, Tindell explains how thieves gain access to headlight modules to steal new cars. All because his friend, a cybersecurity expert, Toyota RAV4 Stolen. Upon investigation, the owner discovered his website selling a questionable tool that acts as a key fob when connected to her CAN bus in the vehicle.

These items are sold on websites that are meant to support car owners and locksmiths, but that is clearly not the case. Disguised as a JBL speaker, the tool costs as much as $5,500 and works on a wide variety of vehicles, including Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, and many of his GM and Stellantis vehicles. This is how thieves are using headlights to steal cars

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