This is how fast the Mercedes-Benz AMG One is in the “ring”.

Mercedes-Benz AMG has announced its official lap times. 1 hypercar This is a new record for a production car.

On the 28th October, racing driver Maro Engel piloted the One over the 12.9 miles of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a time of 6:35.183.Time breaks previous records 6:43.61AMG-specific settings GT black series For 2020, it’s even more impressive given the wet conditions it runs.

Engel, a successful Formula E and DTM driver and winner of the 24 Hours of Nürburgring, said after the run: “It was tricky in some key areas of the track because it wasn’t completely dry yet.”

Mercedes finally unveiled the production version of the One in June, and five years after the concept was unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the first examples will soon be delivered to eagerly awaited customers.

The car is powered by the same engine found in the current fleet of cars raced by the Mercedes F1 team. This is a unit from the 2015 season championship-winning race car mounted on his turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine. However, the One actually has a more sophisticated powertrain than his F1 car.

The race car only has a turbocharged V-6 and a motor-generator driving the rear wheels, and a second motor-generator integrated into the turbocharger, but the One has two extra motor-generators. . These drive each of the front wheels, giving the One all-wheel drive. Despite his 1,049 hp, the car is relatively heavy for his two-seater, weighing in at 3,737 pounds, which is close to the weight of a Ford Mustang GT.

Production of the Mercedes-Benz AMG One in Coventry, UK

For the record run, the One was set to Race Plus drive mode. Designed for track use, this mode not only lowers the ride height (37mm front, 30mm rear) but also maximizes aerodynamics and chassis settings. Engel also used the car’s drag reduction system while driving.

One’s F1 powertrain and the production of the car itself treated in the UKThe powertrain is provided by Mercedes-Benz AMG High Performance Powertrain, the division that develops and manufactures Mercedes’ F1 power units.

AMG built a total of 275 examples, each priced at €2.275 million (approximately $2.3 million), all build slots gone. Despite many build slots being offered to US customers, AMG was unable to certify this car and its delicate F1 engine for sale in the US without significant performance degradation. not for sale hereUS customers have some wishes in the form of Show or Display rules. Under this rule, non-U.S. certified vehicles of historical or technical importance may be granted permission for private importation, subject to restrictions such as limiting his annual mileage to 2,500 miles. This is how fast the Mercedes-Benz AMG One is in the “ring”.

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