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This Ford Mustang is the fastest car on the planet with a stick shift

The scariest drag racers on the planet are equipped with an automatic transmission that quickly and effectively puts power into the ground. However, there is a class of drag racing machines competing for the title of the fastest car in the world with an H-pattern stick shift.

Holding this crown has changed significantly Ford Mustang He recently broke through 1/4 mile in 6.81 seconds in the final of the World Cup drag race in the United States. The title was held by Toyota Supra before setting a new record.

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Obviously, this is not a normal Ford Mustang.For example, the first generation Coyote V8 Thoroughly upgraded with forged interior and sports transplant and polished head. A huge pair of turbochargers is also installed, and I don’t know how much power the car is delivering, but it’s clearly deep in the four-digit range.

The transmission is not a normal stick shift. In fact, it’s a Tick Performance 4-speed unit with a slipper clutch and designed for clutchless gearshifts.

During the first run of the car on the weekend, it competed with record keeping Above And run 1/4 mile in 6.81 seconds. After this run, the owner discovered a slow leak in one of the tires, and by fixing it, he was convinced that he could go even faster. But the best he could offer was an additional 6.81 seconds of execution. This Ford Mustang is the fastest car on the planet with a stick shift

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