The White House sets a red line around the reconciliation climate goal

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Whitehouse officials said the key climate measures left on the floor of the cutting room during infrastructure negotiations with the Republican Party were negotiable as the government turned to the next legislative measure: He said it would be an item without.

Obligations that may require utilities across the country to generate clean electricity and extended tax credits worth hundreds of billions of dollars for the wind, solar and other renewable energy industries It is a must-have in the packaging put together by the White House. Gina McCarthy, White House’s national climate adviser, said.

“This has some revenue,” McCarthy said in a forum hosted by Punch Bowl News. “We need to make sure we are sending a signal that we want renewable energy, which will win the market.”

In addition, McCarthy said the White House plans to seek tax credits and consumer rebates for electric vehicles in its plans. Democrats will try to use so-called budget adjustment procedures in the Senate to avoid Republican filibusters. However, the effort is uncertain because the Senate has very little control over the party.

McCarthy said last week a bipartisan infrastructure deal was signed between lawmakers and President Joe Biden, omitting the drastic investment in renewables, power grids and electric vehicles that the White House sought. It happened in the backlash from progress.

“Although the bipartisan proposal has some necessary provisions, it acts on the climate on a scale that requires or meets the commitments made by the Byden Harris administration to act on the basis of climate and environmental justice. “I will not,” in a statement by President Jean Karpinsky, a message from the Federation of Voters for Nature Conservation, “It is not important for their future to move forward in this bipartisan framework alone,” to the national community. I will send it. “

The $ 579 billion infrastructure deal announced on June 24 by a group of Biden, Democratic and Republican senators could require utilities to produce electricity only from carbon-free sources. It does not include the mission sought by a White House. Known as the Clean Energy Standard, this measure is one of the key drivers for achieving the White House’s lofty climate goal announced this spring to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. Was considered.

Biden announces $ 22.5 trillion in infrastructure plans in the spring, giving the electric vehicle initiative a $ 174 billion extension of the coveted tax credit for wind, solar and other renewable energy sources by 10 years He sought and said it was necessary to facilitate investment. Encourage low-emission technologies needed to curb global warming in a clean energy economy.

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