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The punished Saudi Arabian Grand Prix move was “OK in Brazil”

Last month’s Brazilian Grand Prix Verstappen ran Hamilton wide on Turn 4 as a British driver tried to overtake the outside, but FIA race director Michael Masi decided not to refer the problem to Steward. Was not investigated.

The non-call case caused a lot of anxiety both inside and outside the paddock. Mercedes Teams and drivers remained confused about what the regulations on forcing each other out really meant and how they would crack down on them in the future.

At the driver meeting that took place before the Qatar Grand Prix, we couldn’t give a definitive answer.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Sunday was the next opportunity for Verstappen and Hamilton to cross the pass, and Verstappen once again ran his title rival twice.

Red Bull agreed to drop Verstappen to third place behind Hamilton for a restart after the red flag when he first solved the problem with Mashi without involving Steward.

The second time, after the first attempt to cause a collision in Hamilton, the Dutchman who gained an advantage off the track was given a five-second penalty and passed Hamilton immediately in the second attempt. I wasn’t satisfied. Steward.

Verstappen strangely compared Jeddah’s case to an unpunishable move in Brazil, as both drivers left the course, saying, “Because it was okay in Brazil, I was suddenly penalized.”

Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing RB16B) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes W12) stay in touch as they compete for the lead

Photo: Andy Hone / Motorsport image

“Of course he was running like Brazil. Of course I braked late. I think he was a little offline at some point,” Verstappen said.

“I had a little time so I went wide, but he didn’t make a corner either, so basically both missed the corner. I don’t think it’s fair to say that he was penalized. Well, that’s what it is.

“I find it interesting that I’m the one who gets the penalty when we both run outside the white line. It was okay in Brazil, but suddenly we got the penalty.”

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Verstappen, who received an additional 10-second penalty for his role in the Turn 27 clash with Hamilton, said he didn’t want to think too much about what happened in Saudi Arabia, but talking about it was “shame.” The penalty cast a shadow over the race again, as the protagonists of the two titles headed for the finale of the Abu Dhabi season at the same point.

“It’s clear that neither made a corner, but that’s okay. I don’t spend too much time. I have to move forward,” he added.

“Now the points are the same. Of course, I think it’s really exciting for the whole championship and F1 in general.

“But I said in the first half of the lap. I think I’m talking more about white lines and penalties these days than actually a proper Formula One race. I think it’s a bit disappointing.” The punished Saudi Arabian Grand Prix move was “OK in Brazil”

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