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The new Tesla battery recycling process reportedly produces no waste

One of the biggest problems we may face in the not too distant future is the safe disposal of exhausted electric vehicle battery packs.However, if recycling is as efficient as: the worst-case scenario that many are wary of may never actually unfold. TeslaA new process claimed to save up to 92 percent of the components that make up a battery pack.

Recycling solutions have been in use for at least two years, and it was the first time I’ve heard them publicly mentioned, at least in mid-April 2019. It may have been (and probably was) working for a very long time. At the time, Tesla called it a unique battery recycling solution that would offer significant long-term savings, but nothing more.

The manufacturer recently pointed out Discarded batteries are 100% recycled and will not eventually be disposed of in landfills. For years, we have in-house internal structures for collecting and recycling old battery packs, and the companies that manufacture the packs also believe that they need to be recycled, which we will ask a third party to do. Claims to be more efficient than.

Tesla points out that using this new process, it was possible to recycle 1,300 nickel, 400 tonnes of copper and 80 tonnes of cobalt last year alone. This means that manufacturers are basically producing some of the materials they need, reducing the need for mining.

The car maker explains it

Tesla has worked with third-party battery recyclers for many years to keep batteries from landfilling, but also understands the importance of building recycling capacity in-house to complement these relationships. increase. On-site recycling takes us one step closer to closing the material production loop and allows us to transfer raw materials directly to nickel and cobalt suppliers. The facility breaks through a cycle of massive battery recycling innovation, enabling Tesla to quickly improve current designs and perform process testing of R & D products through operational learning.

It’s worth noting that while there’s nearly a decade of aging Tesla on the road, the company hasn’t actually recycled too many consumer car batteries yet. Sure, some older packs are replaced by Tesla before being recycled, but most of what is currently recycled comes from our own research and testing programs.

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