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The new bubble x-ray watch sports a shining realistic looking skull

To commemorate the 21st anniversary of the first announcement of the Bubble Collection, Swiss luxury watchmaker Corum has created an impressive and unique design. Bubble X-ray, a clock that reproduces a realistic luminous skull in the middle.

Inspired by the experimental deep-sea divers’ watches of the 1960s with giant dome-shaped crystals to withstand sea pressure, the Bubble Collection was first formed in 2000. The watch was initially installed with a diameter of 44 mm. As for the cases, they went from big to bigger and huge 52mm.

Most men’s watches are about 40-42 mm in size, but Corum’s sapphire crystals are so tall that the dial is distorted. The size of the dome is intended to create a visual effect that emphasizes the art below. This new piece, the limited edition Bubble X-ray, celebrates the roots of the line with a realistic-looking skull that occupies most of the dial space. The signature crystal on the top looks even closer and more prominent than it really is.

It all comes in black so that the white skull can get the wearer’s attention. It’s not just the contrast that draws attention, but the green effect that shines in the dark. Luminescent coating Applies to the skull. Its rhodium skeleton hands complement the brass dial.

Featuring a 47 mm Grade 5 titanium case, this watch is water resistant up to 100 meters (328 feet). At the heart of X-rays is the in-house CO 390 movement, which is powerful enough to last for 42 hours with 28,800 vibrations (vph) per hour. To match aesthetics, Corum fits the watch with a black leather bracelet featuring green stitching.

Skull design may not be a tea that everyone can enjoy, but it’s certainly an interesting concept for watch lovers (or Haloween fans).You can get a new one Bubble xray Through an authorized retailer. The new bubble x-ray watch sports a shining realistic looking skull

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