The Multistreet 3 Fitness Bike is a little carbon and aluminum good over $ 2,000

Ladies and gentlemen, the bike in front of you Multi-street 3 bicycles other than rose bikes. I don’t know who this team is, it doesn’t matter. Since 1907, before his grandparents were born, Heinrich Rose has been busy building bicycles with one goal or philosophy in mind. To get more people to ride a bicycle.

Since then, the German-based team has been able to survive and prosper in the face of more than 110 years of change and innovation. All this history has created and shines in all styles of bikes today, from children to cyclocross, mountain biking and even electricity.

The multi-street lineup is fitness for these puppies bike.. This means that the tires are slightly wider than traditional road bikes, making them suitable for dirt roads and trails. Some of these bikes even include cargo rack mounts and fenders.

Currently both bikes are the same, the only difference is flame.. Everything else is an absolute mirror image. Even the total weight of the bike is the same, 9.65 kilograms (21.27 lbs).

This was achieved not only because the bike is not an electric bike and because the bike has no electrical components, but also because Rose’s team developed the bike frame out of aluminum. It is double butted for smooth and firm welding, and the front is a full carbon fork for even lighter action.

A classic women’s bike, the multi-street frame includes a classic drop-down tube. This step-through style frame has been chosen as the safest style to ride, as it is easy to get off in case of emergency. Rough..

The men’s frame includes a classic, almost flat running top tube. It gives the bike a nicely aggressive stance, even though it can be used for regular commuting. Both frames also include modern standard internal cable routing.

At the same time helping to get everything going Good solid The workout is Shimano with a mix-and-match drivetrain that will surely cast doubt on your bike’s performance. Instead of using the entire lineup of parts like Ultegra and Deore, Rose decided to throw everything from the drivetrain giant a bit.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can run any of these bikes with a single or double chainring action and of course adopt the standard 11 speeds depending on how you perceive the single or double ring shift. , And then you can get a little more versatility.

The crankset, front derailleur and rear derailleur are all part of the GRX lineup, and the shifter is a pair of SLRS700 road flat bars and chains, Ultegra CN-HG701-11. All this action occurs on another Ultegra component, the CS-HG80011-34 cassette. Finally, Shimano ensures multi-street dominance with a pair of BR-MT200 brakes that secure the 160 mm (6.3 inch) rotor.

The bike is then set on a set of Rose R30 wheels that hold two Schwalbe G-One all-round performance tires with race guards.Despite being included on the bike No suspension, These tires handle small collisions and vibrations that the road can throw at you.

The last thing that both bikes share is the price. All you need to get Multistreet 3 is € 1,749 ($ 2,081 at the current exchange rate). Not too much, not too little. Personally, I think the bike is pretty much appreciated. It has a nice and sturdy frame, a beautiful front fork and matching components. My non-expert opinion is to go for it. The Multistreet 3 Fitness Bike is a little carbon and aluminum good over $ 2,000

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