The MOT test and keeping up with the changes

MOT tests are back in the UK, and they seem to be here to stay. Throughout the pandemic, there were changes throughout the country, with people not open to traveling from one part to another to get their vehicles checked when they knew that there were chances they could catch the Coronavirus.

Brief understanding of the MOT test

The MOT test is a mandatory requirement that vehicle owners get their cars through to verify that they are safe, roadworthy, and give out the correct amount of emission if they want to use them on public roads. They had to make sure that they were going through the correct tests, which would vary from one vehicle to another. Depending on the vehicle and the way they built the vehicles, many would get through some of the tests easier than others.

There were a few changes made to MOT rules through the process over the years to make sure the tests were relevant to new vehicles with a lot more features, unlike the older ones getting through them. For instance, security changes included seatbelts, specific types of lights, and other changes to make sure they knew what they were getting through.

All vehicles, including bikes and trucks, had their version of the MOT test and had to get through it if they wanted to be relevant on roads. The tests varied from bikes, as they did on cars and trucks, but they had to get through them all the same.

It is advised that people get their vehicles checked out before the MOT test so they fix issues that they might have and increase the chances of getting through the process. Annually about 33% – 40% of vehicles getting through the MOT test would not clear it and would have to make sure that they went through the test again. People were not allowed to use their vehicle without getting through the test and could only take it to an MOT center if they did not pass the test without going anywhere else. They also needed the MOT test to get their insurance renewed and make other changes to the vehicles that they were using.

Changes to the MOT test post-Brexit

The MOT test went through an overhaul during the pandemic and post-Brexit, much like many other processes handled in Britain pre-Brexit. There were a lot of relationships and other connections that the country had to maintain over the last couple of years. However, when Britain decided to split from the European Union, the country and its Prime Minister had to rework a lot of those relationships to make sure that the people would not be inconvenienced.

In the past, vehicles would receive a pass or a fail certificate when they went through the MOT test. With the changes taking place, they now got a rating scale and needed to get above a specific part of the test if they wanted to use their vehicle on the road. There were other rules that they had to get through as well.

With the entire process online, people could now get through the test and had an online record of how their car fared with information on the sections they did not do well in. They would then be able to work on those areas in the following year when they wanted to get through the MOT test again. Additionally, people could also work with the most convenient MOT test center they

wanted to and the center could connect with the online background check and gather all the past information and work on the test accordingly.

The increased popularity of the SORN

Since the MOT is a mandatory test, people had to handle it every year while paying to get through the process. However, through the pandemic, many realized that they did not need multiple vehicles around their homes. With the constant rules around lockdowns, remote working, and staying indoors for as long as possible, not forgetting that people were also getting their groceries and basic requirements delivered to their houses, they didn’t need as many vehicles around their homes. People started using the SORN, which was an option they could get through if they planned on keeping their vehicles off the roads.

The SORN was not used as often in the past, but there was a massive spike through the pandemic where people were learning that they would stop using their vehicle and would not have to keep renewing it annually till things got better.

Moving to the interwebs

When dealing with the MOT, people could get through all their processes online, making it a lot easier and convenient. There was a time during the pandemic, where MOT centers were allowing their clients to register for an MOT test online, and they would have someone from the test center come to their home to collect their vehicle, test it out, and drop it off at the end of the day. People were handling the entire process online so that they did not have to leave their homes and could get as much done remotely. They could get their information, find the nearest and most convenient MOT center to get their vehicle looked after and get the test done, and could then get their certificate, all without leaving their homes.

People could not apply for a new MOT registration unless they were nearing the end of the previous one. They could now apply to renew their MOT test online in the month before it expired, allowing them to get through any documentation and upload any documents that they might have needed to get through the process. The online approach came as a lifesaver through the pandemic, especially in the months following the rule allowing people to delay their MOT test. MOT centers were overworked and understaffed because of the pandemic, and everyone was struggling to get an appointment to get their vehicles sorted out. People were coordinating centers away from their homes to make sure that they could get through the process with ease instead of waiting longer since the pileup did not seem to be reducing.

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