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The launch of the Super73-ZX unveils a major update to the brand’s lowest priced electric bike

Last year, the Super73 rolled out a pile of new electric bike models along with some new high-end models. Currently, the company is focusing on the other end of the lineup, adding major new updates to the brand’s popular entry-level models. Result: Brand new Super73-ZX electric bike.

Super73-ZX Updates the original Super73-Z1 with some important features.

The frame is bigger and lighter, making the bike more efficient and ready for tall riders.

The frame also features a longer seat. This gives the rider more seating options and makes it more comfortable to carry a friend on his back.

The person who got on the original Super73-Z1 You’ll also know that the model’s fun mini bike styling wasn’t the most comfortable electric bike for real pedaling. Now the company says this new frame design should bring great improvements there.

The battery has also been updated to the larger 615Wh model and is now removable from the bike. This gives the Super73-ZX a wider range and more convenient charging methods.

The Super73 claims a range of 25-50 miles (40-80 km), depending on your riding style and pedal assist level.

The bike is also fast and has four ride modes. There are classes 1 and 2, each reaching top speed at 20 mph (32 km / h). Then there are Class 3 modes available for pedal assist up to 28 mph (45 km / h) and unlimited modes. Up to 28 mph or more. I can only guess that it means everything above and below 28. sweet.

Riders can use the new Super73 smartphone app to select their ride mode, which also performs wireless (OTA) updates.

There are many accessories available as add-on options, such as DC-DC converters to power electronics, optional headlights and taillights, turn signals, horns, fenders, and optional suspension upgrades.

Anyone who wants to get their own Super73-ZX should be ready For $ 1,995 – A decent bump from the original price.

Specs have improved on bikes, but a significant portion of that increase is probably related to price pressure in the e-bike industry. We’ve seen most of the big brands raise prices on almost every model. The launch of the Super73-ZX unveils a major update to the brand’s lowest priced electric bike

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