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The latest numbers on the shortage of automotive microchips

The automotive industry’s semiconductor shortage worsened last week, and AutoForecast Solutions soared the worst-case scenario again.

Predictors now estimate that the world’s industry will lose more than 8.5 million cars from its collective production plan before the end of the crisis.

The estimate is 440,000 units higher than the forecast a week ago.

The shortage soon showed no signs of mitigation, and automakers in North America, Asia and Europe continued to warn of further negative effects last week.

General Motors announced that it will cut production at its small pickup plants in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Silao, Mexico due to an inadequate supply of chips.

In Europe, Daimler CEO Ola Källenius said: Automotive News‘German Brothers Publication, Automobilwoche, “Sales in the third quarter are likely to be significantly lower than in the second quarter.” This is the result of factory cuts associated with chip shortages.

AFS’s latest production impact report predicts that Europe could lose 2.5 million vehicles from its schedule before the crisis is resolved. This is 218,000 more than expected a week ago.

Similarly, the company calculated that its North American plant lost 2.6 million vehicles as a result of supply chain problems, an increase of 117,000 from an estimate a week ago.

So far, according to AFS, car factories around the world have cut 7.3 million cars and trucks from their planned production due to shortages. The latest numbers on the shortage of automotive microchips

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