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The Lancia Montecarlo is an unconventional reincarnation of a classic coupe car designer as an SUV.

This is an independent study for the reborn Lancia Montecarlo devised by car designers David Ovendorfer It has nothing to do with Stellantis and is not approved by Stellantis.

Lancia is preparing for the Renaissance as one of Stellantis’ premium brands, with the possibility of a more classic nameplate being reintroduced after the official confirmation of the new Delta, which will reintroduce as an electric hatchback in 2027. I have.Independent designer David Ovendorfer has launched a modern version Lancia Montecarlo (1975-1981) It transformed into a 5-door crossover for the future.

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Turning a classic mid-engined two-door sports car into a high-riding SUV is a daunting move, but times change and buyers’ needs and preferences change.Thankfully, a designer known for his retro-inspired digital concept cars. BMW 02 recollection concept, NS Mercedes Benz Icon E, NS Renault 4, And that Fiat 127, Did it with respect to Lancia’s design identity, and the results are very interesting.

The digital concept car is 4.54 m (178.7 inches) long, 1.85 m (72.8 inches) wide, 1.56 m (61.4 inches) high and 2.68 m (105.5 inches) wheelbase. This means that it is 3.81 m (150.1 inches) long and has a wheelbase with a much larger footprint than the 2.30 m (90.6 inches) source of inspiration.

Despite the larger dimensions, the Monte Carlo SUV maintains a sporty stance thanks to its large wheels with toned fenders, balanced proportions and aerodynamic roofline. The front end is faithful to the original designed by Pininfarina, the nose is blacked out, and the traditional Lancia grille surrounds an angled LED headlight over a modern bumper.

Another clear nod to Beta Montecarlo from the 70’s is the character line that runs from headlights to taillights. The new car is quite tall, but the tall beltline and hidden rear door handle help hide the mass. The rear roofline resembles a coupe SUV, but the rear windshield has a different design, similar to the mid-engined Monte Carlo flying buttress, with black stripes on the sides.

The designer explains: “The Monte Carlo concept isn’t the latest reinterpretation, it explores the possible passages between two different car segments and looks for the answer to the question of whether the design was born as a mid-engine. Sports cars are very different. Can be changed to. “

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After the arrival of the successor to the Epsilon Supermini in mid-2024, before the new Delta debuted in 2027 Lancia confirmed Launch of a fully electric compact crossover based on the STLA Medium architecture in 2026.

Unlike this future model, independent designers envisioned that the Monte Carlo compact SUV would actually be based on the current EMP2 platform, the predecessor of STLA Medium. This means that it can be equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that offers all-wheel drive and a total output of up to 296 hp (221 kW / 300 PS). Of course, this free-time project isn’t associated with Lancia, so they’re all fictitious and you’ll never find a way to production.

For those who prefer the traditional approach to the classic Chimera EVO37 restomod – gorgeous take Lancia 037 It was one of the coolest racing cars of the 80’s based on Monte Carlo.

Other photos … The Lancia Montecarlo is an unconventional reincarnation of a classic coupe car designer as an SUV.

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