The Harley Davidson Red Bagger should look custom and feel a standard street glide

Since the beginning of last year, we have taken what has been shaped to be a very long tour of the European custom bike industry. The initiative is a German shop called Thunderbike, which literally has hundreds of projects in its portfolio.

A large part of it is made up of customized ones Street glide, “Original stripped hot rod bagger” As Harley explains, we’ve only taken a few more steps in the customization path.

This Sunday we dug up something Thunder bike Call the Red Bagger. We’re all looking at a bagger on the slightly extreme side of things, stuffed with custom touches in red and black, so this is all the name of this name.

The bike was born as a regular street glide, but only received the usual complement of Thunder Bike Touch to make it unique in the custom Harley world. There’s a large 26-inch wheel from the Daytona series, a bolt-on rake kit on top, and a custom black fender in between.

The shop says that the changes made at the front desk will not change the driving dynamics of the bike. “Since the tilt angle and panel height are almost the same, the distance from the driver to the panel is almost the same as the standard condition.”

Thunder bike I could have made this a custom look using other parts, including some minor changes in the rear, but it says most of the stock hardware, from turn signals to handlebars. “It has been saved and does not need to be modified or adapted.”

The value of the additional parts attached to the street glide is close to € 6,000 ($ 7,000 or more), which is not a big investment given that the current model year street glide starts at $ 21,999. The Harley Davidson Red Bagger should look custom and feel a standard street glide

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