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The government is urging people not to put gasoline in plastic bags

The US government has urged people across the country not to put gasoline in plastic bags. Yes, it is.

After a ransomware attack Many people on the East Coast decided that it was best to rush to a gas station and buy up as much as possible, as it triggered the closure of the colonial pipeline. It’s like the story of a toilet paper blockade on Covid-19.

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Eventually, images and videos of people trying to store gasoline in what they found began to circulate online. This included a re-appearance of a 2019 video showing a woman filling a plastic bag with petrol.Photos shared with Reddit I also showed a black car trunk filled with a bag of petrol (pictured above).

This photo proved to be from March 2019 and was actually taken in Mexico, but many of the photos are rounded on social media and individuals can petrol even without a lid on the container. Indicates that the container is filled with. By the way, some people put gasoline in trash cans and barrels.

Talking to the press, Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg said it was “a time when it was wise and safe.”

“Of course, we understand the concerns in areas where people are facing temporary supply disruptions, but hoarding doesn’t improve things,” he said. “Under no circumstances should gasoline be placed directly in a vehicle or in an approved container. Of course, whatever else is happening, that is true.”

Photos from Reddit The government is urging people not to put gasoline in plastic bags

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