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The Gira Stage 2 UCI Men’s Tour sprint finish keeps the road in a red jersey, but the action during the race reveals that it’s still anyone’s race – clip-in

Thursday’s action-packed UCI Men’s Stage 2 Tour was created for some finish line fireworks Tyler tights (Project Echelon Racing) I sprinted to Fort Bayard for a win and a 10 second time bonus, but the top 3 overall leaders remain the same so far.

Stetes, the overall winner of the recent Redlands Bicycle Classic, came a little closer to Red’s overalls leader jersey, closing the gap to 42 seconds and moving up to 7th place.

“Today’s stage was pretty dynamic. There are climbs and flats, ending with a flat sprint,” Stites said. “We were aiming to put pressure on the leader, but then we had to chase a break to get it back, and Cannell also helped, and we finally put him on. It ended up catching. It worked because it ended up in a sprint that I like to sprint, and I got a few seconds bonus. [general classification] In the same way. “

Fort Bayard Inner Loop Road Race p / b Bryan & Lin Robinson / SW Bone & Joint Institute is a 76.2 mile course from rollers to steep ups and downs to flat sprints, enough for the team to run the game. Provided an opportunity. After planning, action began shortly after the flag went down.

Riders took advantage of the width of Highway 180 and launched a crossroads attack in an attempt to create a break that wouldn’t get stuck completely. Towards the points of Pinos Altos and his first mountain award, Heiner Bustamante Leading the classification of the King of the Mountains (Canel’s ZEROUNO) launched an attack with the help of his teammates, earning the maximum points, followed by Christhian Ravelo Avila (CS Bello), Zander White (CS Velo) and Matteo Darsin (Toronto Hustle), 5 seconds down from Parabustamante at GC.

The fugitives returned to Peloton, but about 17 miles after the race, White took off again just a few miles in anticipation of the next KOM point.He won a 25-second gap, reaching the top first, followed by Parabustamante, then his teammates. Eduardo Corte Cordero (Canel’s ZEROUNO) With Mexico Jordan Shane (Project Echeron Racing).

in the meantime, Ignacio “Nacho” Prado JuarezKannel’s ZERO UNO stage sprinter suffered from the machine with his derailleur.

The rider flew a massive descent to Sapiro Crossing and White started some space between himself and the field. Eight other riders followed, forming a break that included several GC candidates: Dal-Cin (third), Sean Gardner (CS Velo and 6th), White (7th), Cheyne and George simpson (Both projects Echelon Racing), Brooks Wienke, Keith Garrickson, Gabriel Shipley (All Aevolo Cycling) Matt Jablonski (Cinch cycling).

“CSVelo was very aggressive on the first two climbs, and we went the way,” said Dal-Cin. “They were very enthusiastic about it.”

The break was two minutes on the field near the midpoint of the race, and the nine pushed hard to maintain and widen the gap. But others who didn’t make the choice, such as Canel’s ZERO UNO and Project Echelon Racing, had other ideas.

“Unfortunately, many others weren’t keen on doing a lot of work there, so we got stuck there in two minutes,” Dal-Cin said.

As the wind began to get stronger, the gap began to shrink and Shipley returned to the main field. White is flat and Gardner left it to protect himself. Meanwhile, Peloton split in the wind, and larger groups fled and headed for a break.

However, with 7.5 miles remaining, the group all returned together and the final attack began towards the sprint finish. Although nothing worked, the rider chose the wheels and did his best for the line.

Stetes crossed the line first, and Prado Juarez and White both struggled with the car early in the race, but finished second and third, respectively.

“I’m really happy and grateful to my team. They did it all in the end,” Prado Juarez said in Spanish. “The strategy was one guy before, and it worked, thank God. I’m happy with my team and my family. They motivate me to ride hard. I am grateful to them for giving me. “

White did almost anything at every point on the course until he scored KOM, scored sprint points, took a break and hit the podium.

“I’m pretty angry,” White said. “I really wanted to win today, so I threw a kitchen sink, but it didn’t work.”

Tomorrow’s 16.15 mile Tyrone Individual Time Trial could shake the overall position as the team prepares to develop a strategy for the last two days of the race.

“After yesterday’s efforts, I was definitely a little tired, but I managed to cling to it,” he said. Toby Road (Yoeleo Test Team p / b 4MINDPROJECT), I kept the red leader jersey after stage 2. “Tomorrow, TT will be a very tough day. I’m excited to ride TT. I think it’s a good day. I hope I can store my jersey tomorrow.”

Stage 2 results:

  1. Tyler Styles-Project Echelon Racing
  2. Nacho Prado-Kannel Zerono
  3. Xander White – CS Velo

GC after stage 2:

  1. Toby Roed – Yoeleo Test Team p / b 4Mind Project: 6:28:14
  2. Heiner Para Bustamante – Kannel Zerouno: 6:28:20
  3. Matteo Dal-Cin – Toronto Hustle: 6:28:24

Best Young Riders After Stage 2:

  1. Jared Scott – Aevolo Cycling: 6:28:38
  2. Xander White – CS Velo: 6:29:01
  3. Caleb Classen – Team California / HMS: 6:30:08

KOM after stage 2

  1. Heiner Para Bustamante – Kannel Zerouno: 20 points
  2. Toby Roed – Yoeleo Test Team p / b 4Mind Project: 15 points
  3. Matteo Dal-Cin – Toronto Hustle: 15 points

Sprint points after stage 2:

  1. Tyler Styles-Project Echelon Racing: 16 points
  2. Xander White – CS Velo: 13 points
  3. Nacho Prado – Kannel Zerouno: 12 points

General classification of teams after stage 2:

  1. CS Bello: 19:29:04
  2. Kannel Zerouno: 19:31:36
  3. Toronto Hustle: 19:32:08

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