The gap between the entry-level Mercedes AMG GLA 35 and the fully equipped 45 is $ 27,000.

Last week we experienced everything AMG Passenger cars available in the United States, starting with the fairly cheap ones 35 ($ 46,000) and ends up being super expensive S 63, I was able to configure this for over $ 230,680.And now we are equally diverse SUV A segment starting from GLA.

Is GLA It is one of the youngest nameplates in the automaker’s lineup for any intent and purpose. Born in 2013, it is now the second generation and launched in 2020. In the United States, it is available in four variations, the Benz GLA 250 and 250. 4MATIC, And two AMG versions, 35 and 45.

Of course, the cheapest of the two AMGs is 35. Starting at $ 47,550, it has 302 hp, 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) torque, and an acceleration time of 5.1 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.

With that money, a black or white body (7 other colors, $ 720 each) and 19-inch wheels with a 5-spoke or 10-spoke design (the other 3 types of wheels are on the table, for a 21-inch set It’s $ 2,050).

At the starting price, door panels and dashboard parts are available in gray and black interiors, carbon construction or brushed aluminum with or without red stitching. If you need something else, you’ll have to pay up to $ 1,450 for leather upholstery and $ 325 for wooden ornaments.

I was able to set the cheapest AMG GLA for $ 48,600 without checking the check box. This includes destination charges, leaving the SUV intact. But we can’t leave it alone. You need to compare this price with the price of the full-featured GLA 45 to see how much difference it makes.

First of all, the 45 is a bit higher than $ 54,500, with 382 horsepower, 353 lb-ft (478 Nm) of torque, and an acceleration time of just 4.3 seconds.

Then I did the exact opposite of what I did in 35, literally checking every box I could check, and choosing the most expensive option if options allowed.It was a relatively fast exercise and took less than 10 minutes (Mercedes) Configurator These are bundled and easy to select and understand), but I still have a GLA of $ 75,485.

This essentially means that the difference between the entry-level Mercedes AMG GLA 35 and its full-featured 45 siblings is more than $ 26,885.It’s almost bare ass price Chevrolet blazer..

Of course, the difference is reflected in the panoramic roof, the AMG aerodynamics and night package, or the Sirius XM’s 6-month all-access trial. That said, the whole exercise shows how different the leagues played by Mercedes buyers and the rest of the world.

And keep in mind that we have an AMG SUV that is three times as expensive as GLA’s highest price in the future. But that’s the second half of the week. The gap between the entry-level Mercedes AMG GLA 35 and the fully equipped 45 is $ 27,000.

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