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The Exomotive Exocet is an American Ariel Atom counterpart that uses a front-mounted Miata engine.

Many automakers these days have specials aimed at cars that you can take to the racetrack and go home when you’re done, but this 2018 Exomotive Exocet is for sale at Cars and bids Take that philosophy to another level.

The Exocet is a kit car, which was manufactured in 2018 using 2001 Mazda Miata as a donor car. When Miata passed under the knife, she traveled 80,000 miles (128,748 km) on the odometer and then another 3,200 miles (5,150 km). It maintains Mazda’s drivetrain and electrical system, and the rest consists of Exomotive’s own components, making it about 800 pounds (363 kg) lighter than the base NB Miata.

The car is assembled around a bronze powder coated metal frame and the minimum amount of bodywork is painted black.There is a large lip spoiler on the front and on the back NASCAR Car of Tomorrow. Exocet is also a feature Porsche 16-inch Konig Ultra Racing wheels wrapped in Speedster plexiglass windshield, LED headlights, carbon fiber mirrors, Flyin’Miata V-Maxx coilovers and Toyo R888 tires.

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As you would expect from a car like this, the interior is pretty naked.What is really there MiataGauge cluster, Tillett carbon fiber racing seat set, Corbeau harness, quick release NRG Innovations steering wheel, and JVC head unit. Apart from that, there are floors, carbon fiber dashboards, and that’s it. Surprisingly, the car actually seems to have some storage space, which looks like a full-width “trunk” in the shape of a parcel shelf just behind the driver.

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Powering the Exocet is Miata’s 1.8-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine. In stock form, it is suitable for torques of 142 hp (144 PS / 106 kW) and 125 lb-ft (169 Nm), which benefits from the Track Dog Racing MP62 supercharger and Enthuza Car exhaust system. There is no word about how much it is making now, but it goes without saying that there should be some notable benefits. The boosted engine drives the rear wheels via Miata’s 5-speed manual transmission, which is equipped with a short slow shifter.

Other photos … The Exomotive Exocet is an American Ariel Atom counterpart that uses a front-mounted Miata engine.

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