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Given the length of a person wearing jeans and riding a bike, it’s a little strange that the idea of ​​riding denim is still relatively new. Nevertheless, we are pleased that apparel manufacturers around the world have developed jeans that can be worn on and off motorcycles. If you’re not sure why this is important, let me know. A standard pair of Levi’s may be really comfortable, but regular denim is terrible to protect you if you fall off the bike. When denim meets asphalt, it is finely chopped in seconds. Needless to say, it does not impact the knees or hips.

Riding denim addresses these issues by incorporating certain reinforcing fibers to significantly enhance the jeans’ ability to withstand road rashes. Built-in pockets are designed to accommodate different levels of armor and protect your knees and hips from impacts on the ground. The trade-off is a bit heavier garment with a little less airflow, but overall riding jeans are a more comfortable alternative than dedicated technical riding pants.

Below are our choices for some of the best motorcycle riding jeans on the market today.

1. Editor’s Recommendation: ScorpionExo Covert Jeans

Universal style and brass protection make Covert jeans unique and versatile riding pants. With motorcycle-specific features, including wear-resistant fiber linings made of Kevlar and knee armor pockets, Covert Jeans are as comfortable as going out in the city on Saturday night. Covert jeans are worth a look for hipster riders who don’t want to sacrifice good looks with real-world protection precautions.

2. Aerostich PROTEKT jeans

People know Aerostich in the world-famous Roadcrafter coverall suit. But did you know that Aerostich also makes jeans? These are Protekt jeans and the spelling of the name may be a bit strange, but the overall fit, finish and quality are top notch. I also wrote a review of Protekt jeans.. But if you need an elevator pitch for them here, it’s directly from Aerostich.

Clean and simple old school straight leg blue jeans … Great trick: TF3 impact armor holding pocket on knees (sold separately), accessible from hidden zipper. While wearing trousers, the armor can be easily removed or replaced in seconds. The rest are all classic denim jeans specs with the same fit and cut as the Levi’s 501.

Specifically, these are carefully sewn with unwashed dark blue 100% cotton 14 oz denim fabric. It’s a bit tougher than the more common 10-12 ounces of denim, but shrinks to a custom fit after washing. With one or two, these pants are much more comfortable and can be worn longer. ..

For protection, the seat and knees have three generous hidden areas of abrasion resistant breathable-waterproof HT 500D nylon (… used in many Aerostich suits). For “commando” comfort, this extra abrasion resistant fabric is lined with 100% soft cotton.

As you can imagine, there are also 5 traditional pockets, 5 belt loops and a reliable metal fly zipper. But, as you didn’t expect, the hidden sheet protection breathable waterproof wear layer prevents you from sitting in a fresh rain-wet saddle and getting a wet butt. Means How nice!

The optional knee armor is placed in the correct position when riding, is comfortable and flexible when getting off the bike, and is easy to remove.

Stitches are doubled and tripled as needed, and the crotch gusset provides a very easy and comfortable one that is excellent when installing and moving around in the saddle.

3. Alpinestars Copper v2 Denim

Alpinestars Copper v2 Jeans is an extension of the previous v1. It looks like a favorite pair of casual jeans, but it’s packed with serious punches in the protection department. Copperv2 uses Kevlar reinforced stretch denim to provide a comfortable fit while maintaining abrasion resistance. Regular fit jeans also include Bioflex Knee Armor for impact protection. Its slim profile means that the jeans are obviously not bulky when you leave the bike. Small details like triple stitching instead of metal rivets help prevent the jeans from tearing while preventing scratches on the tank. Finally, the reflective coating on the underside of the hem helps other drivers see you in dark situations. Copper v2 jeans are perfect for urban commuters, long-range cruisers, and motorcycle enthusiasts who prefer a more casual look.

4. KLIM K 51 Riding Pants

Klim has a good reputation for off-road apparel, but did you know that the company also manufactures riding jeans? With K Fifty 1 Riding Jeans, a sturdy cordura denim construction that combines nylon and cotton for a comfortable and durable finish. With a stone wash finish, it stays closed with a YKK fly zipper. To prevent wear, the Fifty 1 jeans feature Kevlar reinforced panels and integrated D30 hips and knee armor to protect against collision damage. These have five pockets, like regular jeans, with belt loops along the waist to fine-tune the fit. There is also a sweat-wicking comfort liner that helps keep the rider comfortable.

5. Dainese Men’s Stroke Bill Riding Jeans

These stonewashed denim jeans are internally reinforced with aramid to increase resistance to road rashes. The fit of the denim fabric is biased towards the slim side and is integrated with reflective inserts and a special adjustable Pro-Armor protector on the knee (the soft protector is CE certified according to standard EN 1621.1). Strokeville jeans are made to accommodate the straps at your feet and have a practical Pro-Shape pocket on your hips for additional padding.

6. Street & Steel Oakland Jeans

Street & Steel may be an unfamiliar name, but Oakland jeans are a solid product in the riding denim category at a very affordable price. The traditional design blends denim and elastane to give stretch for a comfortable fit. Aramid reinforcement across the seat, hips and knees provides significant protection against road rashes and CE knee armor reduces impact damage. The 5-pocket design separates the difference between boot-cut and straight-cut, so keep that in mind before deciding.

7. Women’s street bike pants familiar with speed and strength

Women need to ride jeans like men, and street-savvy moto pants with speed and strength provide a slim, straight-fitting, casual look, but provide the protection riders need on the street. Made from a cotton and poly blend, the Savvy Moto Pants protect your knees with removable VaultCE-approved knee armor. Jeans are more resistant to abrasion from the ground because aramid fiber threads are woven into the seat and knees. Wider side zipper openings from hem to knees allow riders to pull jeans over tall boots.

8. Bull-it SR6 Vintage Style Women’s Motorcycle Jeans

Bull-it SR6 jeans are vintage style and feature 12.5 ounces. Dark blue denim with a light faded wash and 100% cotton outerwear. Comes with a traditional 5-pocket design with additional coin pockets. A black leather belt patch embroidered with the Bull-it logo helps to stand out as well as the Covec sewn label in the rear right pocket. In addition, it includes matte metal matte finish buttons and front pocket rivets. For durability, the side and rear seams are triple stitched and a genuine YKK lock front zipper keeps things closed. There is your own small microclimate inside, as the airflow felt using the Bull-it Covec construction and cool mesh liner keeps you warm during the cold and cool summers. The internal Covec heat shield also limits heat transfer by sliding along the road. Built-in knee and waist armor pockets for optional CE1621 approved protector. Finally, the finish is water repellent, so you don’t have to worry about light splashes.

9. Fly Racing Women’s Fortress Jeans

Fly Racing started out as a manufacturer of motorcycle handlebars and helmets. Since then, the brand has rapidly grown into one of the fastest growing power sports apparel brands on the market. Women’s fortress jeans include jeans that are cut to fit a woman’s body shape. Made from heavyweight 12-oz Kevlar reinforced denim with over 70% coverage, these jeans are abrasion resistant. Impact is absorbed by CE level 1 knee armor. There is also a removable hip armor pocket (sold separately). Plaid pockets are added to the interior trim details, similar to the front pocket keychain attachment.

10. Rev’It!Moto Women’s Jeans

Rev’It! Make some of the best apparel on the market, regardless of your gender, and Moto Women’s Jeans are no exception. Specially cut for the female body, these jeans are made from 12.5 ounces of cordura denim and appear to belong to both bike and off. Elastic ribs extend to key areas, giving the rider the freedom to move on any type of bike. CE level 1 knee protection is included and optional hip pad is sold separately. The 3M Scotchlight reflection is used to slightly increase visibility when riding at night.

What should I pay attention to when choosing motorcycle jeans?

All jeans are basically the same, right? Wrong. When it comes to motorcycle jeans, there are some details to pay attention to. First of all, make sure you have your own riding jeans. If you’re not sure, pick up the set. Dedicated riding jeans are usually much thicker and heavier than regular denim. This is because riding denim is reinforced with some material (usually Kevlar, but not always) to improve wear resistance in the event of a crash. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, regular denim collapses instantly when it comes in contact with asphalt. Riding denim usually also comes with knee armor to reduce the damage caused by the impact between the knee and the ground. Some have a hip protector, but if you don’t, it’s usually available as an option. Finally, be aware that jeans cuts may not fit your riding boots. If you usually wear your boots over your pants, this may not be a problem.

What should I know before washing motorcycle jeans?

Washing motorcycle jeans is very similar to washing regular jeans. In this case, be sure to remove all internal pads or armor first. Then zipper or button anything that can be zipped or buttoned. Turn the jeans over, stick them on the wash, and set the temperature low. When you’re done, let the jeans line dry. Avoid dry cleaning and the use of bleach. It is also important to avoid direct sunlight and keep the Kevlar layer away, as it can deteriorate over time.

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