The best fleet to drive: Grand Island Express

20 carriers have been named Truckload Carriers Association and Carriers Edge The best fleet to drive in 2021 list. This year’s Best Fleet includes four new airlines on the list, 2020 list..

Produced by CarriersEdgeIn partnership with TCA, Best Fleets to Drive For is an annual survey and contest that identifies employment careers that provide drivers with the best work experience. All carriers will be honored during the TCA competition — Truckload 2021: Las Vegas — September 25-28 in Wynn Las Vegas.

Two overall winners in the large and small fleet categories will be announced at the conference. The overall victory award is sponsored by Epic Vue and Truck Right.

Nomination The best fleet to drive in 2022 We accept until October 31st.

Truckload Indexes profile the top 20 fleets of the year prior to Truckload 2021: Las Vegas. Answers have been edited for style and brevity. Full list of 2021 is available here..

Fleet: Grand Island Express

The Grand Island Express fleet currently consists of 147 power units and 140 drivers. Overall, the company employs more than 180 team members, operates in 38 states in the United States, and remains east of Colorado and Wyoming. The main headhole cargo is fresh frozen beef from Nebraska.

Track Road Index: What does it mean to be in the top 20 best fleets to drive?

DEEN ALBERT, Operations Director: “It’s always a great honor to be a member of this elite list. It’s a verification that we listen to our employees’ suggestions and act on them. Our employees make us every year. They are trying to get better and their opinions are invaluable. Being one of the top 20 best fleets to promote and doing it for 10 consecutive years is what we are And it really reflects what we want to be as a company. “

Track Road Index: What do you think are your strengths when it comes to hiring and retaining drivers?

Albert: “Our core strength is the strong culture that has been built from day one. After the last 60 years of profitable and steady growth, we recognize ourselves as a close family. Our drivers have direct access to anyone on the management team, including the president and owners. When we hire drivers, they usually reach a company that does what they say. I’m surprised, and they’re doing more than they expected. “

Track Road Index: What are some of your own programs and processes that you have implemented in the last 12 months to improve your driver’s life?

Albert: “”One of the biggest changes we have implemented is the interactive podcast platform. Indeed, the last 12 months have challenged companies like us that grow through personal interaction with drivers. We got the best ideas from those interactions and needed a way to continue with them. We have found a great platform that not only makes it easy to communicate with the driver, but also provides an easy way for the driver to ask questions, comment and make suggestions. It has been a huge success and we look forward to continuing it as things continue to open and we can meet more in person. “

Track Road Index: What’s your message about your company you’re trying to convey to your drivers and potential drivers?

Albert: “The message is that we are different. Our message is not that there aren’t many other good companies. That said, Grand Island Express is unique. We have a lot of resources. We use it to personally interact with our drivers. We use a lot of resources to ensure that we are fully rewarding our drivers and providing them with their promised home time. Make sure. We use a lot of resources to ensure a rich retirement that will result from a successful career that the driver has been able to fully provide to his family. We have truly had the best experience. I want to be the destination of no driver. “

Track Load Index: What tools / strategies do you use to maintain communication with your driver?

Albert: “As mentioned earlier, we have a great interactive podcast product that allows drivers to safely dial in to the latest company news. There is also a regular rhythm where fleet managers check the driver’s health. We keep in touch with the driver’s family on a regular basis and invite them to join the Grand Island Express family whenever possible. ”

Track Road Index: How do you approach driver training?

Albert: “We use a true driver training program. Some students take a locally approved CDL program. Others come to us in need of a finishing program. Our trainers That’s exactly what it is. If you have trainees, you work on an hourly basis, so trainers focus not only on driving, but also on training and coaching, including time management, shipper / consignee strategies, and break strategies. Our trainer program is a great “next step” in a driver’s career. ”

Track Road Index: Do you offer a career path for drivers? If so, can you explain?

Albert: “”Yes, there are several ways. The first is to become our trainer. You have the opportunity to become a mentor and a brand ambassador. It also offers a highly competitive owner-operator program, focusing on the ability of drivers to repay trucks quickly and maximize profits within the network. ”

Track Road Index: In the annual Best Fleet process, driver surveys are an important part of the scoring process. The results of these surveys can be validated or disabled for interviews and surveys. What comments and results did you notice in this year’s survey?

Albert: “I think verification is the biggest point. The driver’s comments directly reflect our efforts and are very well aligned with the items we are working on where those opportunities exist. . ”

Track Road Index: What advice can you share with other fleets regarding driver management and becoming a driver’s destination?

Albert: “Listen, take action, and then communicate with the driver about what you’ve done. Trucking is very incomplete, but our ability to solve problems separates us from the pack. Accept the problem and look for the next opportunity. ”

Track Road Index: Do you want to add anything else that you think is relevant?

Albert: “We are not downplaying being part of the Best Fleet, but we believe that this process will provide the greatest benefit. We have a broad process of being selected as one of DriveFour’s Top 20 Best Fleets. Over time, we can constantly improve and measure progress. “ The best fleet to drive: Grand Island Express

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