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The best cigar gift package of the season is from La Aurora

La aurora

Cigars are a great gift. It’s not just high quality cigarettes. It’s about giving experience. Cigar smokers love smoking because it gives them time to think, relax, and ponder. Sometimes I’m alone, sometimes I’m with good friends. But always a good cigar is a joy.

If you have cigar lovers in your life, or if you’re learning the fun of cigars yourself, it’s worth a look at La Aurora, a classic Dominican brand with a consistent portfolio of nice and tasty cigars. This holiday season, they are offering something for everyone.

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La Aurora® Best Selling Sampler Pack

Want to get into a Dominican cigar? This sampler pack contains your favorites such as the coffee-drinking La Aurora 107 Ecuador Robust and the sweet and tasty Cameroon 1903 Robust. This is a bargain, not just because shipping is free in 43 states.

La Aurora® Cigar Master Sampler Pack

OK, maybe you’re buying for someone a little more educated in the cigar world and you want to make sure you get it right. Cigar Master Sampler Packs are made for them and have a wide range of stick sizes and strengths to keep them on your toes.

La Aurora® 130 Ct.Sugi humidor

Cigar lovers without a humidor — what a sad sight! Fix what’s missing in this beautiful 130-count Cedar Humidor. This humidor stores cigars in tropical climates and is fully prepared for smoking. It’s beautiful, classy, ​​and most importantly, it will continue to advance their cigar-loving lifestyle.

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Advertising-Read more The best cigar gift package of the season is from La Aurora

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