The 2WD Electric Ultra Bike stores fuel that extends its range to its huge wheels

This modular motorcycle is designed for almost everything, with a torqued electric motor driving huge front and rear balloon tires. It can cross the water in amphibious mode and can handle serious distances with two huge fuel tanks, a generator and a wheel rim that extend the range.

Electric bike startup Robo.Systems built and tested an “ultra bike” in Russia, but the team said, “When Putin started the war in Ukraine, he moved production to Dubai.”Indeed, it is reminiscent of Another 2WD Fat Wheeler From Russia, which caused a little sensation in 2016.

The Ultra Bike is electric, but much more modular than the Torus 2X2. Each wheel hub has a peak 2 kW or sustained 1 kW brushless DC motor, selected for high torque given the apparent tendency to extreme off-road in snow, mud and sand. increase. The top speed is moderately 30mph (48 km / h), but you can definitely feel it faster on rough ones.

Thick, low pressure balloon tires easily get over snow, mud, sand and other surfaces


The chassis is very basic, with a very simple dualshock setup with front and rear racks, bike grade lighting, front rigid forks, and a very thin looking swingarm that looks frankly poorly designed for mountain bikes. Is equipped with.

The battery is not huge and carries only 1.6kWh in a waterproof LiFePo 4 pack designed to last over 2,000 cycles at temperatures between -20 and 60 ° C (-4 to 140 ° F). According to the company, the 121-pound (55 kg) beast will probably be more than 40 miles (64 km) away when switched to power-saving single-wheel drive mode.

But here things get interesting. Ultrabikes usually have an open space in the frame where the fuel tank is located, and if necessary, specify the bike’s battery and its range with an 800 watt inverter / generator that can output AC or DC power. Expand or run power tools and other things you want to plug in when you arrive at your destination.

The generator operates on a surprisingly large pair of fuel tanks on the wheel rim itself, each capable of carrying approximately 5.3 gallons (20 liters) of liquid. You could fill both with petrol and enjoy tremendous range and durability, or you could load either water or vodka for your campsite.

Modular design with practicality at the forefront

Modular design with practicality at the forefront


Another option is to use a small inverter option that can output a peak of 1.5kW or 3kW directly from the battery spare as AC power. This is useful for small jobs around the farm.

And if you really want to do something ridiculous with it, you can choose it with a pair of 50 gallon (189-L) balloons and a frame to attach them to the bottom of the bike. Pumping up these suction cups with a 12V compressor will give you amphibians that float in a stable way and can use the wheels as paddles to advance amphibians at a slow walking pace.

For such a two-wheel drive utility machine, the price tag is impressive. With all the fruits optional, including balloons, inverters and generators, Robo.Systems pre-sale UltraBike. Indiegogo For just $ 2,590 as an early bird offer. If you put it back on the bike itself, you’ll see $ 1,790. If so, it’s less than most well-known brands of electric bikes.

Naturally, standard crowdfunding precautions apply. We hope that Robo.Systems will have the opportunity to strengthen the suspension before these are deployed. Check out the short video below.

2X2 Ultra Bike.promotion

Source: Robo.Systems

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