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Texan F-16 Viper in Vietnamese green and tan camouflage

The latest work of the U.S. Air Force Heritage scheme In fact, it’s a special reminiscent of service combat when hundreds of aircraft during the Vietnam War were adorned with these green and tan shades.Southeast Asian camouflage scheme Well known, This is very likely the first time an F-16 fighter has appeared in these colors.

The Pentagon today presents a photo showing the serial number 86-0331 of the Block 30 F-16C specially prepared from the 182nd Fighter Squadron of the Texas Air National Guard’s 149th Fighter Wing at the San Antonio Luckland Joint Base. released. The non-standard scheme was applied to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the redesignation of the wings from the officially marked event, the 149th Fighter Group. October last year..

The F-16 has an impressive Vietnamese era color, but the 149th Fighter Wing wasn’t really useful in combat in Southeast Asia. That said, the battle record is impressive, originally launched in 1943 to fight in the European Theater during World War II.

After the war, the 396th Fighter Company, a component of this wing, was deactivated and reorganized as the 182nd Fighter Company assigned to the Texas National Guard. The 182nd fighter, which piloted the F-84E Thunderjet in South Korea, was the first coastal security force to shoot down the MiG-15 in the conflict. Texan F-16 Viper in Vietnamese green and tan camouflage

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