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Tesla upgrades Giga Shanghai production line to increase production capacity

Shanghai (Gas Goo)- Tesla has invested 1.2 billion yuan ($ 187.86 million) in refurbishing the first phase assembly line of the Shanghai Gigafactory, according to a November 26 document posted on the Shanghai company’s government website. And 7.08% of it will be used for environmental protection projects. ‘And public agency environmental information.

Model Ys made in China; Photo courtesy of: Tesla

According to the document, the facility renovation work will begin in December this year and will be completed in April next year.

Tesla said it has finished calculating its carbon footprint and carbon emissions.

Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory currently has four functional areas for manufacturing and testing finished vehicles, manufacturing auto parts, and maintaining vehicles and components.

The reorganization work will be carried out in the existing production area. The vehicle models created will continue to be Model 3 and Model Y.

According to the document, the new project will mainly focus on press, car body, painting, assembly workshops, and expansion of the logistics operations center. Automakers said increasing working hours, staff and material turnover will increase vehicle production capacity. However, the added capacity is not disclosed in the documentation.

According to Tesla, the number of staff at Giga Shanghai is estimated to increase from 4,000 to 19,000 once the remodeling work is completed. Tesla upgrades Giga Shanghai production line to increase production capacity

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